Dose of Cuteness: B Photo #1

Sometimes posts need to be short and sometimes a picture says 1,000 words. Below is an action shot of my beautiful B playing with his dad. We love this little guy  so much!


This is the real B, playing with the real JP, in our real living room. Who could resist the cuteness that is B? Pro tip: don’t get a cream coloured carpet if you have a dog in the family!

Do you have an exceptional chewer in your household? What are your favourite toy brands that stand up to abuse? We love Kong, JW Pet Company, and Bionic. I don’t have any affiliation with these companies; I just know how hard it is to find toys that last (and how expensive that problem can get!)


11 thoughts on “Dose of Cuteness: B Photo #1

  1. they make kongs for cats too! my 1 year old kitten is like a 2 year old child… everything goes in his mouth. i’m just thankful that so far, everything has managed to make its way back out the other side. they make kitty chew toys too!!

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    1. Dogs are the best travel companions and I’m so happy to hear you chose to rescue!

      One day, we would like to rescue another boxer. Many people give them up around 18 months old when they are no longer “cute puppies” and become too much work (boxers are a LOT of work but worth every minute). Unfortunately many people don’t research breeds and choose based on aesthetics alone, which only makes the dog suffer when they are discarded. Heartbreaking!


  2. Love him! Miss our gorgeous boxer dog every day after he gave us 9 wonderful years after he was stuck in a rescue centre. So charismatic as a breed of dog! 100%part of the family. I will definitely rescue another once we have moved home.

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    1. There are no other dogs like them! I swear that B thinks he’s half human (or perhaps full human). I love how loyal, stubborn, intelligent, affectionate, and simply hilarious boxers are. B weighs over 60 pounds but he still loves to sit on our laps and be as physically close to us as possible…constantly! It’s a shame that dogs in general, and boxers specifically, don’t have longer lifespans. I can’t even think that way, it will break my heart!

      Once you go boxer, you don’t go back 🙂 We are looking at adding a second one soon!


  3. One of my most destructive dogs I ever had didn’t care for the Kong. She preferred shoes, things the cat would knock over (they were a team) even comforters. I miss her so much.

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    1. LOL! Was she a lab? They are notorious chewers! As long as our little guy is well exercised and has lots of toys around, he doesn’t turn his attention to our stuff. When he was a puppy, we definitely had some mishaps though! He ate our play station, 3D glasses for our TV, and he even chewed through a door. Ah, puppyhood 🙂

      I saw you have a cute little dog in the family now! I’ve never lost a pet and I can’t imagine what it’s like. There was awhile there when we thought we were going to lose B and I was a complete mess (so was my husband!). That’s the tragedy with having animals in the family – they leave us too soon!


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