30 Day Fitness Challenge: Week Four Summary

High Level Summary

My workouts were a mixture of three and four videos per day with one day of active recovery (which I modified to try out the Little Black Series. I will be taking a recovery day this week – don’t forget, my updates only span 5 days and not 7!). I still preferred three workouts in one day (who wouldn’t?!) but I got through the days with four (go me!).

To be honest, my motivation was really lagging this week. Results are not coming as fast as I would like them to, which can get discouraging. However, I forced myself to stick with my training program and keep plugging away at my goals. I ate clean all week, so I was proud of myself, and I worked out even when I really (really!) didn’t want to.

All of the workouts that I did were repeated from previous weeks. Good news: my post is much shorter this time around because rather than repeat my review, I let you know where to find my previous review. I did include some new pro tips at the end of my post though! Bad news: my workouts are getting repetitive (read: boring)! On the bright side, the combinations of videos are (somewhat) different and my challenge is almost done (and onto the next!).

If you need to catch up on my challenge or want to see my reviews from previous weeks, you can read my:

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and kind words. And as always, thank you for reading, liking, and following my blog! I really appreciate it. You guys and gals are awesome!

How have your workouts been going this week? What were your struggles and successes? How do you stay motivated when working out is the last thing in the world you want to do?


Day Sixteen
30 Day Butt Lift: Butt Workout #5, Sexy Beach Body
  • See my comments under Week Two
30 Day Fat Burn: Dynamic Strength
  • See my comments under Week One
30 Day Fat Burn: Lower Body Blast
  • See my comments under Week Two
Day Seventeen
30 Day Butt Lift: Butt Workout #6, Yoga
  • See my comments under Week Three
30 Day Butt Lift: Butt Workout Cardio #4, Brazilian Booty
  • See my comments under Week Three
30 Day Fat Burn: Cardio Crush
  • See my comments under Week Three
30 Day Fat Burn: Lower Body Blast
  • See my comments under Week Two
Day Eighteen
30 Day Butt Lift: Butt Workout #4, Dance Fit
  • See my comments under Week Two
30 Day Butt Lift: Butt Workout Cardio #3, Tabata
  • See my comments under Week Two
30 Day Fat Burn: Metabolic Booster
  • See my comments under Week One
30 Day Fat Burn: Legs and Butt Shaper
  • See my comments under Week One
Day Nineteen
30 Day Butt Lift: Butt Workout #3, Firm Extreme
  • See my comments under Week One
30 Day Butt Lift: Butt Workout Cardio #2, Fat Burning
  • See my comments under Week Two
30 Day Fat Burn: Cardio Extreme
  • See my comments under Week One
30 Day Fat Burn: Total Body Shred
  • See my comments under Week Two
Day Twenty
  • I decided to preview the Little Black Dress Series to see if I enjoyed them. I chose to do the:
  • I would check out the rest of this series. The workouts were short but effective. Essentially they were 8 minute videos with one circuit each (the butt video repeated the circuit twice, so it was 16 minutes)
Overall Pro Tips
  • My legs took a beating this week and by the end of the last video, my quads were screaming. I don’t always practice what I preach in terms of stretching, but I did break out my trusty foam roller to do a solid stretch on Day Twenty (which I should have done each day and will try to do going forward)
  • To avoid cramping and muscle pain, I have three easy tips to follow for after a workout:
    • Stretch (I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller)
    • Drinks loads of water (I consume about 3 liters a day)
    • Eat a banana (seriously, it works! I’m sure my scientist friend DK could even tell us why. I’m going to guess it has something to do with magnesium and lactic acid. I’m terrible at math and science, remember? You’ll just have to take my word for it. Plus, bananas are tasty!)

20 thoughts on “30 Day Fitness Challenge: Week Four Summary

  1. I have been exercising for the last 38 years. I have found that small goals work primarily for the short hall. Creating long term meaningful LESS TANGIBLE goals are more effective. EX. Rather than seek to lose 10 pounds, reduce your number of sick days in a year by incorporating all the components needed for healthy living. This type on non tangible goal becomes a lifelong goal. You must continue to work at it forever. Losing weight, becoming a size 2, etc… once achieved doesn’t provide ongoing motivation. Look at Oprah Winfrey.

    No one looks forward to exercise all the time. There are plenty of days I try to talk myself out of it. At 56, I can participate in all the activities I did when I was 25. I am not saying this to show off; I am saying that my goals are designed so I can do what I want to do both physically and mentally. This is my method to live life to the max.

    We don’t know how long our journey on this planet is. We can direct its course and quality.

    Wishing you continued success on your journey.

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    1. Beautifully written, agree with everything you said! My primary goal is to be pain free (scoliosis) and live a healthy life. Many of my relatives have/had cancer, which made us all very health-conscious. It is my goal to be as motivated to live a healthy life as you when I will be at your age! What an inspiration! Xoxo

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      1. I’ve mentioned in some of my posts that I had back surgery and it was for scoliosis, so we have something in common there. Also, we lost my dad to cancer, so we unfortunately have that in common too. There are many illnesses and diseases that you can’t prevent, but I want to be as healthy as I can to prevent the ones that I can.

        Thank you for following along! 🙂

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  2. The video that you posted on your blog that showed the two different options for the last 10 years of a person’s life…that is the basis of my long term goal. I’ve seen that video before and I think it is very impactful. I want to be a healthy person, I want to prevent any illness/diseases that I can, and I want to respect myself (and my body) by making smart choices. Eating a donut is not as important to me as not getting heart disease or diabetes later in life. I am trying to evaluate every choice that I make because they all add up. Of course, I’m human and I am allowing myself not to be perfect. But I also don’t want to live a life of excuses and think that I will do something “later” because there may not be a later!

    People always say that it’s a lifestyle and not a diet and I am finally starting to see the wisdom of that. I’ve tried everything in the past, every fad and crash diet that exists. Not only does that damage your body but it’s not sustainable. Making healthy food that actually tastes good is something that I can do. Incorporating more movement into my day and making a conscious decision to workout is also something I can do (though sometimes I don’t want to!). Eventually I want it to become ingrained and something I don’t need to think about so much. It’s just something that I do and a part of my daily life.

    You posted a picture awhile back and you are in great shape for a 25 year old, let alone a 56 year old! That’s what I want for myself too, especially if we do decide to have children one day. If I want my body to do a lot for me – living a long healthy life, bearing children, participating in activities – then I also need to put in the work and give my body what it needs to perform. My fitness challenges are a fun way to stay motivated because it can be very discouraging and frustrating when you first start out. I’m sure I won’t have to do them forever, but I am enjoying checking off my workouts each day and the sense of accomplishment I get when I finish a week (and soon a whole challenge! I will be starting another too).

    Thank you for always being so encouraging!

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    1. Your sentiments and your attitude will take you far. Everything in life isn’t about pleasure. Some job tasks, some housing chores, some family responsibilities, etc… are performed because we have to; not because we want to. The results of these tasks, however, (employment, clean house, loving family) are desirable. Exercise and nutrition produce similar situations. Finding pleasures in life experiences (other than eating) also reduce the focus so many place on food as their source of pleasure. I look forward to your journey and reading about all your success.

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate the nomination. As I understand it, blog awards are only for bloggers with under 200 followers, so I’m no longer able to participate in them. I did make two posts about Liebster Awards I received though 🙂

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  3. Hi, I enjoy reading about your fitness and health journey. Especially as you are more focused towards bigger goals like being healthy and not just build a great body (which is still a great goal too). Thank you for sharing😊

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    1. Thank you! When I was younger, it was definitely all about being skinny. Now that I’m older, being skinny is a secondary benefit to being healthy. I feel like I have a long way to go, but I’m sticking with it (and trying to have fun along the way).

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  4. Let’s just be honest here, MOST days I have to find the motivation to work out. Whether it’s because I have the focus and drive to do a good hard workout in the morning but I don’t have the time until the afternoon and by then it’s all gone, or I just plain don’t want to! But I’ve found what helps me the most is telling myself that I will start with a 15-20 minute gentle yoga video and then reassess how I feel. To date, I have yet to do a gentle yoga video that didn’t make me want to continue working out afterwards. I love yoga, I do it every day (mostly to find motivation!) but a gentle video always makes me want to do more, push harder, test my limits. It warms me up, gets the blood flowing and I’m always ready for more after a short video like that. So I trick myself into working out, basically. I know I’m going to do the video and not want to stop but that’s how my brain likes to work. I’m re-engineering my laziness to work to my advantage!
    I’m always looking for new workouts to try so I’m really loving your blog with all of these links to keep my workouts spicy and fresh! Thanks!

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    1. Haha, I love that you trick yourself into working out! When I used to go to the gym and was feeling unmotivated, I would tell myself that I could just drive there and if by the time I arrived I still didn’t want to work out, I could leave. Of course, I never actually left but the option made lazy me happy!

      Now that I work out at home, I actually find it easier because I can squeeze in workouts any time I have some spare time. Going to the gym was an ordeal with the hours, class schedules, travel time, and all the stuff I had to bring. Home is much better, though I do miss spin classes.

      Thank you so much for reading and following along! 🙂

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      1. Wow, you really inspire me to try working out at home. I’ve gone overboard with running and ache all over, so I definitely need to find something else besides running for at least every other day, and your posts on different work-out videos will be all the resources I need right now! Thank you so much!

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      2. I’m so glad you’re finding it helpful! I can’t do the same type of exercise every single day because I get too bored…and then I stop working out. I have two new challenges planned for when I complete this one, which is exactly the amount of variety that I need. It also forces me to do exercises I don’t necessarily like, such as yoga and kickboxing, because they are part of the program. I will have plenty more links to free resources coming soon 🙂


    1. Thank you for the encouragement! Much appreciated.

      I enjoyed your post about protecting your back while seated. It’s a very relevant issue for me since I’ve had back surgery AND sit at a desk all day for work. I will definitely be checking back!


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