Anniversary Getaway: Huntsville, Ontario

As I mentioned in my Week Two and Week Three fitness posts, JP and I recently celebrated our anniversary. We’ve been to Huntsville together in the past, but we had B with us and we didn’t own a boat at that time. For our anniversary, Grams watched B for the weekend, we brought the boat, and we had some time to ourselves for the first time in a long time: no obligations, no electronics, and no other people.

We decided to stay at the centrally located Comfort Inn, which is where we stayed last time (we are nothing if not creatures of habit). JP and I aren’t fussy when it comes to accommodations. We spend most of our time outside, so it’s really just somewhere to sleep and cook (we prefer to make our own food so we know exactly what’s in it. The Comfort Inn has barbecues available, which is awesome and saves us bringing one along).

This weekend away was really important to me so I could celebrate with JP and take some time out to just relax. Life has been stressful lately, so being away with my favourite person was exactly what I needed. I think it’s crucial for couples to carve out time for themselves to strengthen their intimacy, connection, and overall bond. I know the dynamic of relationships can change after having children, but JP and I have committed to always making our relationship a priority even if we do decide to expand our family (in a non-furry way).

What Did We Do In Huntsville?

We had a blast! I’m happy to share some highlights of our weekend away with you, including several pictures that my very talented husband contributed (click to enlarge them).


We spent a lot of time on the boat relaxing and talking. Of course, we also jumped into the water! My friend DK thinks we’re crazy to swim in the lake because she believes in lake monsters. Normally she is very practical, I swear.


We saw a deer jump into the water and take a dip. We loved being so close to the wildlife!


We also saw several pontoon planes flying overhead (but we didn’t see any land on the water, much to JP’s dismay).


We went for a hike in the rain and took pictures of the beautiful scenery. Remember how I said JP chases waterfalls? This is one example.


We were alone on the trail and we decided to dance just so that we could say we danced in the rain. You’re likely envisioning something romantic, but I did the chicken dance while JP shook his butt at me. On the bright side, this was our backdrop!


Unfortunately a lot of big box stores and chain restaurants have made their way into the Muskokas, but at least you can dock your boat outside of them1.


We explored downtown Huntsville and checked out some of the local attractions, shops, and trading posts. It definitely felt a lot more urbanized than I remember and was not exactly the charming, quaint town that we were hoping to find.


We searched high and low for a cottage of our own so that we can have a private slice of the waterfront. We haven’t found any that we love enough to make an offer on, but we are enjoying the ride (and the dreaming). I will keep you posted!


We relaxed! We didn’t have to get up early to feed and walk B and we also didn’t have to constantly let him out (unfortunately, B poops a lot). We love B like a son and would do anything for him, but it was still nice to have a short break (I’m sure I will feel that way about my potential human children too. On the bright side, they couldn’t possibly poop as much).


We had (massive) ice cream cones from Kawartha Dairy. If you go, I highly recommend ordering the “baby” size. Trust me, it will be enough2!

Where is your favourite place to spend a weekend away?


1 Photo credit

2 Photo credit 


38 thoughts on “Anniversary Getaway: Huntsville, Ontario

    1. I would love to have a cabin in the woods! I’d also use it for a writing retreat. I’m positive I could finish my book if I had a couple of weeks of silence.

      Oh, no. My house will be full of poop monsters! Lol.

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      1. I’ve been reading Thoreau and longing to disappear into the woods. But then someone wise suggested to me that a cabin in the woods isn’t always a cabin in the woods. That we can find our way where we are and it will look different for everyone
        But here’s me with an unpolished book, too. 😉

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. It’s so nice to get away sometimes.
    A weekend away would be nice! We have two furry children but no one to keep them that lives nearby. One of them has seizures that are brought on by stress so we don’t board her because we fear that would induce a seizure.
    Our weekend away would be camping/hiking in the Smoky Mountains, which I hope to do once the fall weather hits.

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    1. Our little guy gets pretty bad separation anxiety so we can’t board him either. He also has a pretty weak immune system so kennels are a definite no-no and unfortunately even fun things like doggy daycare send him home with a cough 😦

      If it wasn’t for my mom (Grams) watching him, we would never be able to go anywhere without him! Usually we prefer to bring him along but a break once in awhile never hurts! You might want to check out Dog Vacay as an option for your furkids, which is what we would use if my mom couldn’t watch B.

      I love hiking, but I am not a very good camper. I don’t love bugs or sleeping on the ground, so I tend to complain a bit (okay, a lot).

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      1. Thanks for the tip on Dog Vacay, I’ll definitely look into that! I’m not a great camper either to be honest. The only way I’ll go is if it’s under 75 degrees, we have one of those extra-thick air mattresses that has me high off the ground and has normal sheets, pillows, comforter, etc., and there must be facilities on the campground so I can go to the restroom indoors. That’s closer to glamping than camping I guess, lol.

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    1. I agree and I think it’s so important! The monotony of day to day life for young professionals (exercise, work, home, cook, a few hours to enjoy together, sleep, and then repeat) can become overwhelming unless you plan small escapes to look forward to.

      I’m always living for the weekend and our next adventure 🙂

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  2. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a great time – beautiful photos!

    Huntsville and the muskokas is so nice to vacay to. Kawartha Dairy ice cream is the best and I agree on the baby cone lol It’s more than enough!

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    1. Thank you! I’m already looking forward to our next escape for Labour Day (we are bringing our boxer along for that one – he loves the boat).

      I am really hoping we can find a cottage soon so we will have somewhere to go every weekend if we want! It’s nice to get away and rent something but there’s nothing like owning your own piece of paradise 🙂

      I wish I had known about ordering a baby cone before I made myself sick eating ice cream 😦 lol.


      1. That’s so sweet! It always makes the trip extra special when you’re able to bring your dog with you 😊 I feel like a cottage would be a dream! One day.. Maybe for retirement lol That would be SO nice though. Nothing like boating and hanging out on your own dock any time you want…

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    1. I live for our weekends away 🙂

      We try to do one “big trip” every year with some weekends away mixed in for good measure!

      It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for you. I never want to go back home, lol.


      1. Yeah I know, every year we do PA and go to Tobyhanna State Park it’s nice there.I promise to do more weekend trip but that’s something I have to put on my list, it’s good you had a great time.

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  3. It was very nice reading about the wonderful time the two of you had. Quality time in a marriage is a must. I used to tell my patients that if they didn’t work on their health, their job or career and their marriage, they wouldn’t have to worry about any of them because (in time) they would all “be gone.”

    I like to head on up to the mountains in Asheville, NC. Too many things to list.

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    1. It’s true! It’s like people who say they don’t have time to cook healthy meals or exercise. Hopefully they can find time to be ill.

      If only people spent as much time and effort on their actual marriage as they do on planning their weddings, I think the divorce rate would be lower. Instead, they just give up when it’s not fun anymore or things get tough.

      My biggest lesson learned after being married for awhile is not to take each other for granted. Like anything worthwhile in life, you need to nurture a marriage and put in the time and effort to strengthen your bond…which should be an enjoyable thing!

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  4. dude. lake monsters exist. they’re just smart about staying hidden away from unsuspecting swimmers like yourself. after all, once the element of surprise is gone, what’s the point?

    i love that JP is a landscape type of photog 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are no lake monsters! I would have been eaten by now (or at least seen one). Hopefully when we get a cottage, you will come swimming. B will even lend you his life jacket 🙂

      JP does best when his subjects don’t move, lol. I want to get some of his waterfall pictures printed and hung up. That will make our house feel more like home (finally!).


      1. just because YOU haven’t seen any or been eaten, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. it more likely means… you’re just not all that appetizing. if B goes swimming as my protector, i’ll go…

        HA! waterfalls “move” ;P

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  5. Have you been to Tobermory? I love that area. Flower Pot Island was beautiful and you can bring the pup over. We rented a tiny little cottage on Dyers Bay and the water was so beautiful and clear. Completely freezing but the kids still loved it.
    Niagara Region is where my husband and I go for our escapes. We make our own little wine tours route, and stay at the cutest Bed and Breakfast we can find. I am not much of a drinker but I love touring the wineries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We haven’t been to Tobermory together, but it is on our list. We love Niagara on the Lake and wine tours! The Jackson Triggs winery is beautiful and there are many small, hidden gems too. We have never tried a bed and breakfast because we fear it wouldn’t be private enough for us (and most don’t allow dogs – B almost always tags along with us).


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