T25 Focus Challenge: Week Three

By Week Five, I am hoping to be able to tell you that I nailed it (at least for one workout). As for this week (spoiler alert), I barely made it throughout. I’m not upset about the rating because the choices are set up to be two extremes that don’t really take progress into account. This week, I’m going to focus on sharing the positives and my improvements with you.

The workouts are still hard, which I expected. I don’t think I will ever find them easy, but the difference is that my personal best is continually improving. I don’t feel like I’m as many repetitions behind Shaun T as I used to be, I’m modifying less, I’m less sore from all the jumping (whoever thought that would happen), and my transitions are quicker.

However, the biggest change I’ve noticed is my mind muscle connection. When I first started working out, I was overwhelmed by all the things I had to think about, which included both proper form and proper breathing. When the transitions between different moves was quick, it was even more of a challenge for me to keep track of everything I was supposed to be doing.

I’m now at a point where I don’t have to think as much because I’m more in tune with my body. Take a squat for example: my back is flat, my core is tight, my weight is on my heels, and my knees are not over my toes. All of this just happens when I do a squat now versus having to run through a checklist in my head to see if I’m missing anything.

I’m taking the advice of one of my favourite bloggers who told me to focus on my health and not my weight. I notice a difference in my body and overall well-being, which is more important than my current gravitational pull. Every workout I get through will make a difference and that’s something to be happy about!

What is the biggest improvement that you’ve noticed in yourself since you started working out?  


Day 15: Total Body Circuit

This video felt more tolerable this week. Don’t get me wrong – it was still hard and I still barely made it. However, I felt refreshed after the weekend off (thanks, Shaun T!) and I brought a different mindset to my workout than I did last week.

Day 16: Speed 1.0

This workouts is one of my favourites. It’s challenging without feeling like I’m going to die, which is a welcome change when Shaun T is in the room with you. I still had to modify some of the moves (so I barely made it), but I’m feeling a lot better about how I’m progressing.

Day 17: Lower Focus

T25 is heavy on the squats and lunges, at least in the Alpha Phase. There is also a lot of jumping, so your legs really take a beating. As such, this video is not one of my favourites because I’m going in with legs that have already had enough. However, despite the fact that I barely made it, my thighs are getting leaner and my legs are getting stronger.

Day 18: Cardio

I really like this workout. I love weight training, so the Alpha Phase of T25 has been a struggle for me (it’s all body weight exercises). I generally hate cardio and would rather be lifting weights, but this workout is both fun and challenging (really!) even though I barely made it.

Day 19: Total Body Circuit and Ab Intervals

I was lucky enough to do the hardest workout of the week for the second time in addition to my personal nemesis, core work. Needless to say, this was the worst Friday ever.

I do have to report that I barely made it but I should also mention that Shaun T barely made it too. I was ready to throw something hard at him through the screen and knock him out.

Day 20: Rest

My favourite day of the week!

Day 21: Stretch

Unfortunately, I have to report that we had another super busy weekend and I skipped the stretching video again. My goal is to do it once before the end of Alpha (so I have two more chances!). I don’t take stretching as seriously as I should. If it was a “real” video, then I wouldn’t even consider skipping it. Next time, I will try and treat it as such (but I must say that this weekend isn’t look promising either!).


15 thoughts on “T25 Focus Challenge: Week Three

  1. You are doing awesome! The fact that you are building endurance is showing. I will tell you, in my opionion, the stretch video is AMAZING. Its not what you think it is going to be and honestly, this video made me sweat like no other lol It gives you a REAL workout while giving your relief from stiff/sore muscles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      I really should do that stretch video…and now that you’ve told me it’s actually a workout, I’m more inclined to do it. I was imaging something painfully boring, so I didn’t even bother to turn it on.


    1. Thank you!

      I really need to get better at making time for stretching too. I completely understand the value and why people shouldn’t skip doing it…yet I consistently skip it anyway. We’ll make a pact to do it next time 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet it isn’t that bad…I just don’t make the time for it because I don’t consider it a “real” workout; I consider it something that can be skipped without repercussion (which is NOT true!).

      Actually, you are coming over on Sunday so you can do it with me 😀


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