End of Summer Getaway: Parry Sound, Ontario

I mentioned in my last getaway post that JP and I aren’t picky about accommodations. However, when I said that, I meant that I will take a Comfort Inn over a Hilton but not that I like to rough it (JP can tolerate much worse conditions than I can. He is very much a gruff man’s man…at least when other people are around!).

JP We left booking our Labour Day getaway to the last minute, so we ended up staying at a “cottage” that we not so affectionately nicknamed the “garden shed.” I felt as though I was camping surrounded by a flimsy plywood structure. Needless to say, I threatened to drown, suffocate, and otherwise maim my husband several times over the weekend.

The Good

There’s always a silver lining, right?

  • The waterfront was rocky but useable, which is why JP picked this place (at least, that’s his story)

SAM_0651   SAM_0559

  • The sunsets were incredible. We definitely want our personal cottage facing west


  • We spent a lot of quality time together as a family. Unfortunately for us but perhaps fortunately for her, Grams wasn’t able to join us. However, we had a blast with B, who looks like a lake monster in this picture. Maybe DK is right and they DO exist!


  • We went away in September, which means there were hardly any mosquitoes left. We were able to sit outside and relax uninterrupted (by bugs, at least)


  • There was a fantastic fire pit that we had to ourselves each night. We even indulged in some smores for a much appreciated childhood throwback


The Bad
  • There was a heat wave over Labour Day weekend and the garden shed did not have air conditioning. We were right on the water so it wasn’t too bad but…who am I kidding, this part really sucked!

disused-potting-shed-727173_640Okay, maybe the garden shed wasn’t this bad, but it came pretty close

The Ugly
  • We love to connect with nature and lose ourselves in the sounds of lapping water, crickets, and rustling leaves. However, Parry Sound has several train lines running right along the lake, which means that multiple times an hour, the serenity of nature was interrupted by the blast of freight trains
  • On the bright side, we have learned that we do not want to purchase our own cottage in Parry Sound as a result of this weekend



I assure you that JP survived the weekend unharmed (I needed someone to edit the pictures for this blog post). The accommodations definitely sucked, but the company couldn’t be beat. We had a great time overall and we can’t wait to find our own vacation property to make even more family memories (in the air conditioning).

Tell me about the worst accommodations you’ve ever been subjected to. Come on, make me feel better!


31 thoughts on “End of Summer Getaway: Parry Sound, Ontario

  1. OMG I WAS GONNA SAY!!! that B pic looks scary (before i read the caption). i am not getting in any lake with THAT lake monster! he might drool and drown me… on shore.

    worst accommodations? i don’t know if i can beat you but i’m gonna try: paris december 2014. it’s expensive to stay there so we got a little… frugal with our accommodations–after all, usually we spend all day outside so as long as it’s dry, clean and functional, we can live with pretty spartan standards. we went with an air bnb (not sure if you know about these) that was in the latin quarter (quite central). for the most part, things were fine until we got in and had to sort out where the key was (in an unlocked mailbox!!!), the flickering lights in the hallway did not instill any confidence, the elevator was out for the duration of our stay and we were on the top floor (6th?) and the staircase was spiral, it was damp in the city so that didn’t make it less damp in the room (not that it was sopping wet), the entire room was maybe (i’m generous) the size of our living room, the view was cramped (but the city is kind of like that), the toilet was a wee bit high and my legs dangled and we were sick (probably from the awful air pollution there–they have terrible smog because of their love of diesel vehicles and we know about the recent VW diesel scandal) for a good chunk of the trip so… all those things were worse than we thought we could tolerate.

    if this doesn’t do it, i’ve got machu picchu, my trip to taiwan… most of which involve miserable toilet experiences :S

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  2. The best I have got is when we stayed in a motel, which had mould all along the ceiling and little insects crawling round the bath tub

    Although when I was a toddler, my parents took us to this hotel, the room was on the 2nd floor with a balcony, the bars where wide enough for a small child to get through, as my parents found out

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  3. Borneo…The Dragon Inn….a cabin built of sticks with gaps between….suspended over a canal floating with garbage…toilet in a separate “room” directly over the canal – we were never sure it didn’t empty directly into it. Our bed didn’t have fleas, not everyone was as lucky. The outdoor dining room came with its own rat. It remains my benchmark of bad accommodation. However, we survived!

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  4. I love the lake monster! This is a great post. I went camping as a kid but I’m with you, Hilton Inn, Comfort Inn etc., go much better for a marriage! We did have one cottage that was filled with the smell of cigarettes in a huge way! It caused asthma and was horrible.

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    1. I’m so happy our little lake monster decided to get in the water. He can’t swim and needs to have his paws touching to be happy, but he loved splashing around. In fact, it was hard to get him out!

      Cigarette smell is the worst. We recently went on a day cruise where people were allowed to smoke and it ruined the atmosphere for everyone else. I should be able to breathe clean air!

      JP and I went camping once when we first started dating and it was a nightmare (for me). I will not ever be repeating that experience! News flash: they make beds, no need to sleep on the ground! Lol.

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      1. Exactly! Why should i suffer from someone’s smoke? And my wife says the same thing about beds. I love the outdoors, but even I can’t sleep on the ground anymore. Regarding dogs – Boxers are so cool! Peace.

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  5. Beautiful photos! I’m sorry your accommodations weren’t the best. It makes a huge difference to the trip, even if you try not to let it bother you. I’ve had some pretty bad accommodations as well, but they were all in 3 star hotels, not a cottage! By the way, thanks for following my blog! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! My husband takes lovely pictures.

      I don’t really like heat or sweating, so not having AC during the worst heat wave of summer made me homicidal, lol. In the future, I’m definitely booking all of our trips!


  6. lol this was so entertaining. Looks SO beautiful there despite the crappy accommodations. Looks like your adorable dog had a great time. We stayed at an awful run down motel in Collingwood a few years ago, thinking we wouldn’t be there much anyway since we’d be exploring Wasaga for the most part. We basically set up camp on the bed from being afraid to touch the floors, or anything else for that matter. It was disgusting. Corey still hears about it to this day.

    loved this post! Always so fun to hear you adventures 🙂

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    1. Thank you! B had an amazing time and we did too, despite where we had to sleep.

      We actually stayed in a run down motel in Collingwood too. In fact, the water just randomly stopped working for hours right before we were trying to get ready for dinner (of course). Maybe it was the same place!

      I always try and tell my husband that just because it’s cheapest doesn’t mean it’s the best value. I’d rather spend a bit more and not have to worry about getting communicable diseases from simply being in the space. I should learn my lesson and just give him no say ever again.

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