T25 Focus Challenge: Week Four

For the first time since I started T25, I had a setback. My regular readers know that I’ve had back surgery and as a result, I deal with chronic pain. Unfortunately, I had a bad flare up that lasted for the entire week, which caused me to skip most of my workouts (the horror!). It can be really challenging for me to listen to my body as opposed to just “working through it.” My back still doesn’t feel great, but it’s a lot better than it was, which I’m sure is due to the time off T25 and a massage from my favourite RMT.

I’m not going to rate myself for each video because I am going to be re-doing Week Four. I am definitely improving overall, but I’m not where I want to be yet. One of my kind commenters pointed out that I am still making gains, so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I do agree with the sentiment, but I’ve set the tone that nailed it means exactly that: I got through the entire workout with no modifications. I was thisclose on certain videos (despite my sore back), so I’m hoping to have good news next week.

My Week Two update shared some details about one of my current health struggles, which is my underactive thyroid. DK has reminded me that in addition to poor thyroid health, I am also getting old. My retort is that I am still in my twenties…it may be my last year, but I’m there (yes, the “and counting” caught up to me pretty fast and I am now 29. I’m sure I will have several 29th birthdays). Despite my lack of physical activity and unresolved health challenges, I did manage to lose weight this week, which was a boost a positivity I definitely needed.

Do you struggle with taking time off even when your body insists?


Day 23: Cardio

For a change of pace for both of us, Grams joined me for the cardio video this week. Her feedback was that the modifier isn’t on screen nearly often enough for her to get a good sense of how to do each move correctly.

Day 24: Total Body Circuit

I skipped today because of my back pain. Really, I should have skipped the day before too.

Day 25: Lower Focus

I did this video today, even though I probably shouldn’t have.

Day 26: Total Body Circuit

This was yet another day off. Man, that hurts to write.

Day 27: Ab Intervals and Speed 1.0

I decided to do only one of the two videos scheduled for today (hint: it was not core work). Grams joined me for the Speed 1.0 video, which she found to be more challenging than the cardio video. She told me that time seemed to be going by slower than it should be, which is how I feel every time Shaun T is in the room. My feedback is that burpees don’t help back pain (so much for stretching things out).

Day 28: Rest

At least today was supposed to be a rest day.

Day 29: Stretch

I didn’t stretch today. In fact, I didn’t do anything except hope that I would feel better to restart Week Four the next day.


28 thoughts on “T25 Focus Challenge: Week Four

  1. It’s so hard to listen to your body when you are eager to progress, but sometimes rest is what we need to move forward. I recently had to take a week off from the gym, and although I didn’t like doing it I felt so much better when I got back the following week as my body was refreshed and ready, rather than ill and exhausted.
    Take it easy and I hope your back is better soon. Xx

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    1. I really should have just taken the week off…and if I knew I’d be redoing it anyway, I would have! Lol.

      You have a good point about bringing renewed energy to workouts after resting. I definitely was not giving those workouts I struggled through my all.

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    1. Thank you! And you know me too well…it doesn’t take much for me to lose momentum. As soon as I stop, even just for a few days, it becomes so easy to just go back into a pattern of not working out. Who am I kidding, it’s always going to be easier to cuddle with my dog than hang out with Shaun T! I’d love to get to a point where I actually enjoy and look forward to exercise, but I’m not sure that I will ever get there.


      1. lol well I must know you so well because we are aparently so similar. I am exactly the same!

        I read somewhere that there are people who love to workout and people that just do it and never like it. I am one of the people that just do it…because I know that I NEED to but I have yet to like it. Ive gotten to a point that my body needs to work out (I get antsy, my legs ache, I get grouchy as all heck, my body craves it) but I just cannot wrap my brain around it and I feel like I never will be able to. I just keep pushing myself and have to keep thinking of the results that are to come.

        The positivity that comes from my blog and fellow bloggers are what really drives me and I hope that our comments on YOUR blog inspire you to keep going! Even though, and I totally agree, it is way more fun to cuddle on the couch with the doggy ❤

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      2. For me, I just feel guilty about not working out. Neither my body nor my mind enjoy what I’m doing, but I feel guilty enough about being a lazy butt and not taking care of my body that I end up working out anyway. For now, I’ll take it. Maybe my mindset will eventually change, but I think the important thing is getting it done regardless of how you feel about it. Even though we struggle, we still do it, so we rock!

        I agree about the support, encouragement, and positivity from fellow bloggers making so much difference. In fact, I always look forward to your comments. When I see your avatar, I’m like, “yaaaay!” lol.


      3. Awww 😀 That means so much to me. I never know if my constent comments will annoy someone but they are always meant to empower and hopefully put a smile on people’s faces. I feel the same way when I see that you have liked or posted something on one of posts. Its great encouragement.
        And we do rock!

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  2. 29….getting old?…. hell -I’v just begun and I’m a fabulous 50…..this number may lift your spirits/ I run a consistent 44 bpm resting heart rate…… to hell with what ‘they’ say!

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  3. I always recommend stepping backwards before taking ANY actions to determine if the course ahead is TRULY in one’s best interest AT THAT SPECIFIC MOMENT IN TIME. If one is not certain, my suggestion is DO NOT attempt the task. Listen to the brain because the heart might accidentally misguide you. It is better to achieve a goal slowly and safely. Attempting to hasten the pace can ultimately cause injury slowing down or impeding the goal altogether. Learning patience is a wonderful attribute!
    Have you ever thought to consult with a chiropractor? Prior surgery is not necessarily a contraindication for this type of healthcare. A combination of chiropractic and massage therapy can often provide synergistic benefits and deal with root cause problems rather than simply addressing the symptoms.
    I am also attaching a link for the Thyroid situation. Don’t let the title regarding breast cancer dissuade you from reading this article. I think you will find it beneficial.

    Now go heal so I can read about some renewed enthusiasm in your future blogs. Always wishing you good health and happiness. 🙂

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    1. Ah, but patience is a virtue that I don’t really have! I’m working on it though.

      I have met with three chiros in my life, but I didn’t have a good experience with any of them. Given the nature of my surgery, I am not comfortable with adjustments. I prefer ART, but some professionals think they know best and go against what you asked them to do. I was pretty livid that not one but three thought they could do to my body what I did not consent to! It took me years to find my perfect RMT and now that I have her, I’m never letting her go.

      Thank you for the article link. I really do need to research my thyroid condition more.

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      1. I’m sorry you had such bad experiences with multiple doctors. You must realize I would never have recommended Moe, Larry and Curly as your three choices for chiropractic physicians. Seriously, I have always believed that intuition helps guide us to many of our best decisions. If you are uncomfortable with any type of doctor you should go with your gut instinct. Wishing you as speedy a recovery as possible.

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      2. I think there is good and bad in every profession. All of the doctors I met with were incredibly personable and smart and I really did want to keep going to one until he went against my wishes. I get it that the patient can’t decide treatment BUT if there is something that someone is really against, then I do think that should be respected. I guess I’m just scared to try again! Unless, of course, you want to be my doctor 😀

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  4. good grief woman! you are so doggedly determined sometimes. cut yourself some slack–you’re doing better than most people.

    i still think you should consider yoga or pilates (i’d prefer yoga over pilates…) to get some more information about how to work with your back issues. yoga can be quite intense too so it isn’t really a poor choice for you. just sayin’.

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    1. I’m my own harshest critic, it’s true. I just want to get down to my ideal weight yesterday, so any setback is so frustrating!

      I’d actually like to try PiYo but I’m not sure that I’m coordinated enough for it yet.


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