12 Tips to Help Get You Through a Bad Day

In a previous post, I wrote about how having a positive outlook on life can make a huge difference to your overall health and well-being. I absolutely stand behind that sentiment, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your day just simply sucks and you feel like you can’t shake it off. Everyone has bad days, but I use several coping strategies to try and make sure it doesn’t turn into a bad week or cause any damage to my personal relationships.

12 Tips to Get Through a Bad Day 

Warn your partner. I am generally self-aware enough to know when I’ve had a bad day and am liable to take it out on those around me. Sending JP a quick text to let him know that he needs to go easy on me and be patient with my current illogical and negative mindset helps immensely. I don’t want him to “fix” it; I simply want him to understand, listen, and not do anything aggravating to make it worse (trust me, he knows exactly what to do).

Focus on your breathing. I used to think breathing techniques sounded a little too “new age” for me to bother with, but I’ve found one trick that actually works. When I breathe deeply through my nose, hold it for a beat, and exhale through my mouth, I can feel stress leaving my body. I generally repeat this deep breathing 10 times, but it really depends on how enraged I feel.

Pet your animal. Your animals will always be there for you and they will never judge you. Taking some time to cuddle with B works wonders in terms of making me feel calm and rational. He is the best snuggle buddy I could ever ask for (sorry, JP. You can’t argue with B’s sweet face).


Break a sweat. When I feel crappy, the last thing in the world I want to do is hit the gym. But working out can give you a nearly instant boost because of the chemical reactions it triggers and it is, of course, good for your overall health to be active. Even if I just do a 10 minute workout video, it can really go a long way to improving my mood. I have several 10 minute workout video suggestions that you should consider putting on standby if you ever need a quick fix. If hard-hitting cardio and weight training isn’t your thing, you could also try pilates or yoga.

Take some time to decompress. Sometimes, I just need some time alone. I find that a hot shower can work wonders or even just hanging out in our room alone for a few minutes. After I have the time to process what’s happened, I am ready to move on from it. If I’m still in an aggravated state, chances are high I will not respond well to whoever dares to speak to me. However…

Don’t isolate yourself for too long. It is tempting to avoid all human contact until you feel better, but talking to someone who cares about you can really help you to get things off your chest and relieve stress. Take the time you need to process, but don’t hide out for too long. Surrounding myself with my loved ones never fails to remind me about how lucky I really am.


Get some fresh air. Being cooped up inside isn’t known to be a mood enhancer, so take a time out and go breathe in some fresh air. I often use my lunch break at work to take a walk and it makes a huge difference in my mental approach to my afternoon tasks.

Keep perspective. I always ask myself, will this situation matter to me in a year? What about in five years? Sometimes the answer is yes and then I legitimately let myself rage about it for awhile. Sooner or later the emotional response to the situation needs to come out, so I’d rather get it over with and move on. If you’re upset about something like another driver cutting you off, keep in mind that you probably won’t remember what happened tomorrow, so it’s really not worth ruining your day over.

Remove yourself from the situation. There have been conversations I’ve simply walked away from (yes, even at work) and other situations that I won’t put myself in because I know how stressed out they make me (such as visiting certain people who will remain nameless). As soon as possible, get yourself out of any situation that is causing you to feel badly and away from any other person who drags you down. No matter where you are, there is usually a quiet place that you can escape to for a breather.


Do something you love. When I’m having a bad day, distraction is key. Whatever you are passionate about, whether it’s gardening, reading, writing, or baking, lose yourself in an activity you truly enjoy for awhile. It’s hard to stay upset when you’re doing something that you love.

Eat something. When hungry meets angry, bad things can happen. If you’re already in a rotten mood, don’t make it worse by not eating. Even if you’re not in the mood for a full meal, at least have a quick fix (try the delicious bran muffin recipe that I shared for something easy, healthy, and satisfying). Take it from me, you must feed the beast!

Take a nap. If you’re having a bad day at work, it can be a bit of a challenge to go and take a nap. However, I find that taking a 20 minute siesta when I get home from a miserable day makes me feel instantly better. My mind gets to shut off and I get the benefit of the perspective that “things will look brighter in the morning” without actually waiting for the morning. I also get migraines and tension headaches, usually brought on by stress, and taking a nap can nip them in the bud too (double bonus!).

How do you cope with a bad day?



53 thoughts on “12 Tips to Help Get You Through a Bad Day

  1. I use many of your recommendations. They WORK! In addition, you may notice fewer irritating days in the future. Learning to channel stress is vitally important. Finding positive outlets that satisfy individual needs reduces the damaging effects of stress. This coping mechanism commonly returns a person to their (hopefully) jolly old self. Just like anything in life, the more we practice this new behavior, the better we adapt to change. People who follow your suggestions will be glad they did.

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    1. Learning to channel stress is something that I work hard at (and I’m not surprised you’re good at it…is there anything you aren’t good at? I hope you can’t sing too!).

      My dad always said to me if there was just one thing he could teach me, it would be that life is short and I shouldn’t take myself so seriously all the time. I keep him in mind and try very hard to incorporate his perspectives into my daily life. In my own way, that keeps him with me and I try to remember to let the little things go.

      Exercise has made the biggest difference in my perspective. I wake up at 5am every week day and workout before I go to the office. It sets the tone for my day and gives me a sense of accomplishment before I even leave the house. I’m surprised by my own improvements and happy with the journey I’m on (even though it’s hard sometimes). Being on the road to better health puts everything else into perspective quite nicely. Without good health, nothing else matters.

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      1. I wish I had your insight and knowledge at your age. I look forward to watching you fly right past me as time moves on. Not only do I believe in you, I believe your words are going to awaken the younger generation’s minds and actions. If you think transforming your own life is satisfying, just wait and see how many people contact you to let you know how much you have inspired them!

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      2. I love the comment section of my blog the most and it means so much to me when people say they have been moved by my words. I’ve also received many nice emails from people, so I think you’re right – the most rewarding part is going to be helping others and getting their feedback.

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  2. Very good advice. I pretty well do just about everything you have mentioned here, so you are doing a good job destressing yourself. Such a cute little puppy. I have distanced myself from several people who seem to be miserable most of the time and try to make me feel that way too. Exercise is a great release, especially if you have some music you love to exercise to and sing along with. Nice post.

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  3. Another great read, only difference I ever have is that sometimes I don’t know what is getting to me, so just identifying the problem helps. Some days it’s as simple as “I forgot to work out” or my “to-do list” is unfinished. Always good to see positive ways to deal with bad days!

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    1. Thank you!

      I have friends who sometimes say, “I’m in the bad mood and don’t know why.” That usually means hormonal for them, so I watch out! Lol.

      I can be too sensitive and have a tendency to overanlyze, so I always know – in great detail – why I’m having a bad day. For me, it’s consciously pushing the negative thoughts away and reminding myself not to let things get to me so much.

      I think women have a “worry” gene. It’s quite unfair.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! My dog never fails to put me in a good mood and he always makes me smile and laugh, even when I don’t want to. When I’m sad, especially when I cry, he comes over and incessantly licks my face until I laugh…then he walks away like his work is done, lol.

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  4. I find the best thing to do is either take what I call an hour of power which for me means either going to the Cham sitting and relaxing in the sauna or listening to relaxing music and just lying down with the candles on I feel so much better afterwards

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  5. This is such a great list! I love finding new ways to cope. After a bad day, I have a glass of wine and zen out – whether it be a bath or some yoga, yes I mix wine with my yoga sometimes 😉 or something where I can escape my thoughts for a few minutes (starting to try out meditation) whatever works! Sometimes I just dwell and let myself have my emotions about it too. Awesome post and great advice 😊

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  6. I love your tips and use many of them, though sometimes it’s easy to forget the obvious. I write in my gratitude diary every day which helps keep things in perspective and I love patting my dog! Great post.

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    1. Thank you! It’s easy to think of what to do when you’re in a great mood, but it’s definitely a challenge when it feels like everything is going wrong. I’m glad I wrote it all down so that I can go back and remind myself as required.


  7. These are excellent, wise and very useable tips…and I like feeling affirmed, as I already make use of several of them. I love the way you describe them, so clear, concise and without sentiment…brings humour, at least for me. Wondeful post 🙂 H x

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