T25 Focus Challenge: Week Six

I was really excited to start my new workouts this week. However, I have learned that there are a finite number of body weight exercises that are actually effective, so a lot of the moves in the Beta phase of T25 Focus are essentially variations of the moves in the Alpha phase. I was still happy to be doing something somewhat different though, so I’m not complaining so much as warning future T25ers about the repetition.

I’m pleased to announce that I actually nailed a video the first time I did it, which is pretty awesome and very unexpected. I don’t think the workouts are getting easier though. Rather my personal best is simply improving. I still have a long way to go, but every gain that I make (no matter how small) is a step in the right direction. It’s my goal to be easier on myself and focus on the positive changes I’m making.

What is your main driver to get (or stay) healthy? Is simply “being healthy” enough or is there another factor that motivates you?

not-for-summerDay 36: Core Cardio

Despite this video being “more of the same,” I actually enjoyed it and the time flew by (really!). Shaun T changed things up enough that I wasn’t bored and I actually almost made it through without modifying. I didn’t though, so I have to rate myself with barely made it.

Day 37: Speed 2.0

Based on the Alpha phase, I was expecting this video to focus on “speed, stretch, and stability” like Speed 1.0 did. In fact, I was actually kind of looking forward to the built in stretches (I know, right? Maybe I will actually do that Sunday video one of these days!).

I was a little disappointed that this video was entirely focused on speed and was incredibly repetitive. On the bright side, it was a very challenging cardiovascular workout while still using “easy” to follow moves. In fact, I am pleased to say that I nailed it on my very first try.

Note: Shaun T had his shirt off in this video and often told us to look at his abs. I found it very awkward. I suppose I’m used to women being objectified in fitness videos (read: sports bras with crazy cleavage and tiny shorts that barely cover their butts) but I have yet to see a man treated the same way…until today, of course.

Day 38: Rip’T Circuit

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for (and no, I don’t mean the fact that the remainder of the men in the video took off their shirts today too): weights were incorporated in today’s workout! It felt great to be lifting weights again after so much time off and this workout really flew by for me.

I wish there was a “barely nailed it” option because while I didn’t modify, I was several repetitions behind Shaun T at different points throughout the video. For this week, we will go with barely made it but I see a better verdict in my future (next week!).

Day 39: Dynamic Core

Given how busy the weekend was going to be for me, I decided to do the two videos for Friday today and then get to the core workout sometime over the weekend. Well, that didn’t happen. Core workouts aren’t my favourite, so I’m sure that was a contributing factor, but life also managed to occupy all my time.

It’s only one workout out of five and I will commit to making next week better. This is the first video that I’ve missed since I started T25 (minus when I was injured in Week Four, but I re-did those workouts anyway), so I am going to give myself a break! I will not be re-doing this week’s workouts.

Day 40: Upper Focus and Core Cardio

In the Upper Focus video, Shaun T was wearing a golf shirt and pants with his half-naked male backups behind him. I know costuming isn’t supposed to be part of my review, but this phase is seriously weird in terms of clothing choices.

I loved the weight portion of this video but was over the body weight portion. I nailed everything except the triceps dips (hate those!), so I have to go with barely made it. As for the core cardio video, I modified the same parts that I did last time, so the rating remains the same.

Day 41: Rest

Weekends are not long enough and rest days don’t come often enough!

Day 42: Stretch

I commit to doing this video once before the end of T25 just so I can provide my readers with a review. Now it’s in writing, so it really has to happen.


8 thoughts on “T25 Focus Challenge: Week Six

  1. As we get older, health plays a bigger factor because mortality becomes more realistic. The other factor is quality living. Why work your tail off over an entire career to accumulate a nest egg that provides financial options that your body can’t accommodate? Having the PHYSICAL freedom to choose ANY activity life offers is a wonderful feeling. This becomes a goal (unfortunately) many will be unable to meet as a result of a lifestyle of self induced degradation. This is why I write my articles. I want people to have a chance to turn their lives around (if they choose to) before it becomes too late.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have the same mindset as you do and many of the same reasons. People have told me that I’m crazy because I’m about 30 years away from retirement (hopefully less!), but you really do need to start planning early, both financially and physically. I’m really comfortable with the portfolio I have, so now I need to (as you say) work to ensure that my body is ready for all the freedom to do (hopefully) whatever I want 😀

      Your blog is a favourite of mine because in this case, you really can’t afford to wait to get started. Health isn’t something that you can address and be done with in a week, so changing your mindset is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Your articles help me with that because I’m still learning (and always will be!).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not…but you think I should be? I don’t know much about it to be honest except that there is an upfront fee that I would have to pay (which I found off-putting, so I didn’t look into it further). I’m not in fitness model shape, so I’m not sure that anyone would want me as a coach! LOL

      We could always discuss further via email if you’d like 🙂 scarletpen@outlook.com

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  2. I love your new goal ❤ You know me, positivity is key. Any stride in the right direction should be celebrated.
    Improving my personal best was, and is, always what I strive for personally and in my weight loss journey. When I first started T25 I barely finished the first video without passing out. I was literally sick to my stomach. But thats how I measured my progress was how much more my body could do with each passing week.
    You are doing really great 🙂 And congrats on a the new 'Nailed It' status!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. does shaun t realize that some men who are doing his video might actually prefer the female fitness instructors’ bodies…? oh well.

    i still can’t believe you haven’t done stretching yet… oy. i’m holding you to your word there.

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