T25 Focus Challenge: Week Seven

I decided to read through the T25 meal plan this week, but I haven’t tried out any of the recipes yet. That is mainly because the recipes are very boring and bland, which doesn’t get me very excited to incorporate them into my meal planning. However, one of the pointers that I pulled out of the guide is to make sure that I take the empty calories that I drink into consideration.

It was a good reminder to be careful about my occasional fancy drink calorie splurges from the machine at work (trust me, I need all the help I can get in order to make it through a day at that place). This week, I am going to be a lot more mindful about what I’m choosing to drink and stick mostly to water (which I was doing a great job of up until recently).

Health Update

Back when I was doing my 30 Day Fitness Challenge, I shared one of my current health struggles in my Week Five update. In my T25 Focus Week Two update, I provided further details about how my underactive thyroid is impacting my fitness journey and overall well-being.

I had a blood test recently that indicated my hormone levels have improved. I will need to take medication for the rest of my life to help my thyroid regulate, but I’m okay with that. Compared to some of the thyroid horror stories I’ve heard, my treatment has been relatively easy. In fact, I’m almost back in a normal range hormone wise and my doctor expects to see continued improvements.

Have you had any challenges with your thyroid health? Do you regulate your hormone levels with medication?


Day 43: Dynamic Core

I skipped this workout last week, so I definitely paid for it by completing it for the first time on Monday morning at 5 a.m. Ouch. The first 10 minutes of the video is standing core work (love!) and the rest is mat work (hate!).

Result: barely made it

Day 44: Core Cardio

I made it through this video without modifying this time. Awesome!

Result: nailed it

Day 45: Rip’T Circuit

Unfortunately, I still haven’t caught up to Shaun T. He moves fast, let me tell you. But if I worked out for a living, then I would move fast too!

Result: barely made it

Day 46: Upper Focus

I’m still not loving (or nailing) the mat portion of this workout. Can’t we please work our triceps in a different way? Please?!

Result: barely made it

Day 47: Rip’T Circuit and Speed 2.0

Doing these two workouts together was brutal. Seriously, this was the worst 50 minutes ever! But I had a great sense of accomplishment after it was over (and I looked like something my dog, B, threw up!).

For Speed 2.0, I nailed it and for Rip’T Circuit, I’m getting better (practicing twice this week couldn’t hurt). However, I’m not quite there yet, so I barely made it.

Day 48: Rest

This day of rest was much needed after the workouts I had to do the day before!

Day 49: Stretch

Sorry, everyone, but not this week. I recognize that I’m running out of time to get this review completed, so I’m going to (try) and make it a priority this week. Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “T25 Focus Challenge: Week Seven

  1. Glad to see the workouts are progressing well even if some are extremely tough. I’m more interested in:
    1. How you feel?
    2. Are you noticing physical changes?
    3. Are you noticing increased energy? (even with the thyroid complicating factor)
    4. Are you noticing changes in emotional energy?
    You are working very hard and certainly have proven your dedication. I want to make sure you are “experiencing” the benefits of all your hard work. It’s not just about a starting and ending point. To make this a lifestyle change I have found “experiencing” the benefits and appreciating one’s own efforts helps transition the exercise routine from an organized predetermined “Monday” routine to a “for the next “X” amount of time, what do I feel like doing today?” The frequency of workout may remain regimented, but the approach to the workout becomes more flexible. I certainly understand you may not be at the point I describe. I just want to offer anything I can to help motivate you to maintain this new lifestyle you’ve discovered. I wouldn’t be surprised if your Dad nudged God and suggested, “this guy” (ME) keep an eye on his daughter. I believe I may have even been given the “green light” to (figuratively) “slap you upside the head” if you fall off the bandwagon!” You are a special lady and I’m very proud of all the hard work you continue to put in as you journey on to find passion and purpose in life. Have a great Monday.

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    1. Your response is so kind! You made me teary eyed at work. Thank you so much for taking the time to write something so nice, you really made my day. Now you always have to stay in touch because I will think of you as channeling my dad!

      To be honest, I am noticing physical changes in my body but not so much in my mental/emotional energy. I think that is largely due to the fact that my job is a living nightmare because I feel like a drained slug while I’m at work and then perfectly fine when I’m back at home. The problem is that I spend so much time here, which I am working on changing. I do find that morning workouts put me in a better mood (not the waking up part, but the after effects part!).

      One day I would love to workout based on how I feel, but at this point in my journey, I need a more formalized plan to make things easier for myself. I know that I will get there one day, but for now, I am enjoying the fitness challenges and commiserating with others who are on similar journeys and doing similar workouts. Blogging has been so helpful for me and the messages that I get from people make me keep going (with both my writing and my working out).

      If you see me making mistakes, please do tell me about it! I know my dad would in his, “are you sure that’s the best idea for you, honey?” way and I really do miss his guiding light. I keep all of his lessons close to my heart but I won’t say that it’s not devastating on a daily basis that his lessons stopped when I was only 28…and now my life is forever changed. That may sound dramatic, but it’s how I feel at this stage of my grief journey (I have a lot of journeys!).

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  2. I know you’ve long since moved on, but I learned about week 9 to split my doubles on Fridays if possible. Two huge bursts of metabolism as well as a chance to refresh the muscles in between. I’m on edge waiting for your stretch review…it’s by far the best stretch video of all beachbody programs I have done and I often go back to it – sometimes working out from a different program in the morning and stretching in the evening.

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