Date Night #1: Pig Farm

JP and I are trying to ensure that we have more “date nights” so that we can continue to have new, fun experiences together and not let the monotony of day-to-day work life take over our time together. It’s so important to inject fun into a marriage and we are always on the lookout for new things to do (other than, you know, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and renovations). Reading the title of this post, you may think I’m crazy to plan a date visiting pigs, but check out the pictures before you make your final decision about my sanity!


Setting the Scene

I surprised JP with this date, so I told him how to dress and typed the address into our GPS. He had no idea where we were going and his guesses were hilarious. When we arrived at the pig sanctuary, JP’s initial reaction was, “where are we? I see pigs everywhere.”

The day was a win because by the time we left, JP’s verdict was, “that was really cool.” To say we are animal lovers would be an understatement, so we were happy to donate money to the farm as our admission. The funds go towards countering the dark side of the pet pig market (really!).

Of course, visiting with the animals was the highlight. I can tell you that pigs are not soft to pet, but they are very friendly and like belly rubs (like B!). The exceptions were the baby pigs that we got to hold and cuddle, who were very soft and adorable (I can’t say that the large pigs were adorable).

Overall, it was a unique experience that I’m glad we got to share together! I have several more posts to follow this one about our other recent adventures, so stay tuned!

Life on a Pig Farm

IMG_7602     IMG_7408     IMG_7555

IMG_7573     IMG_7598     IMG_7589

IMG_7429     IMG_7516

IMG_7540          IMG_7395


           What did you do for your last “date night?”


40 thoughts on “Date Night #1: Pig Farm

  1. Ok that is a pretty cool date night! Very unique indeed. Our last date night was a standard one, dinner and a movie. We’ do this at least every two weeks, but aim for an evening out a week. I think I’ll have to look into something more creative now.

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    1. We haven’t done dinner and a movie in years. However, we also don’t have kids so making a nice dinner and watching a movie in our media room is perfect…for now. If we do have kids, I will definitely want to get out of the house! LOL

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  2. Our last date night….hmm…. oh yes, we were in Ford’s Theatre watching the play “Our American Cousin” when out of nowhere this mad man came and shot Lincoln, jumped to the stage and limped away in pain.
    It sounds like your experience on the pig farm was more fun! 🙂

    Keep planning those date outings. Marriage requires lots of creative work if the goal is happiness. Most people become complacent causing many marriages to merely exist at best. For a marriage to be fulfilling (just like most worthwhile things in life) it requires ENERGY and EFFORT!

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    1. Hey, that sounds a lot like my fitness journey! It’s true though, anything worth having takes work. I have met a variety of married couples over the years and some seem to not even like each other (and that’s how they behave in public!). I never want that to happen to us and I’m willing to work hard at it to prevent it.

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  3. Fun article and really a cute idea! Oh my, we did not have a date night since, maybe 2 years or so. Since our 22 month old girl has been born, actually. All relatives live thousands of miles away and we did relocate twice in the time. I did not want to give her to complete strangers!
    Now, that we finally settle, we have been out on Halloween. We took her, but our first time in a bar playing billiard in forever. It has been fun. We`ll do it again!!

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  4. My Hd and I used to have date night which I used to love and get so excited about. We used to do movie or go out to dinner until I stop working. We had to come up with something that don’t involve to much money. So now my date night is going to pick him up from work with my thermos full with tea, and we find a spot and sip on some tea before going home that I appreciate very much.

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  5. Date night to my hubby and I, used to mean dressing up in our best clothes to impress the other. I’d put on make-up, we’d behave perfectly, have stimulating conversation, etc. Oh those were the days weren’t they?

    Now after 46 years of marriage, date night means getting into something comfortable, I remove my makeup, take out my contacts and curl up next to him on the couch and hold hands while watching a G or PG movie. Oh, they are still glorious dates!!! Praise God for those we can be around without facades. Blessings, PS, we still have stimulating conversation

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    1. Haha, I’ve already given up on wearing make-up around my husband. He always says I don’t need it and his comment is, “you’re just going to wash it off anyway, so why bother?” He’s nothing if not logical. It can still be fun to dress to impress every once in awhile, but I agree with you that I much prefer the stage we’re at now…and if we’re lucky enough to get to 46 years together, it will be even sweeter I’m sure.

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  6. Great photos and what an interesting and fun date! I’ve seen articles on the whole miniature pig craze that people have been buying into and many of them (the pigs) end up in sanctuaries because they’s gotten too big. You have to admit they are pretty darn cute when they’re babies 😀

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    1. The babies are adorable…but the 300 pound full grown pigs are not! They also have tusks that are quite dangerous and can be rather aggressive if not trained…and I don’t have the expertise to train a pig. I used to want one as a pet, but I’ve now learned how impractical that really is unless you live on a farm. However, a goat would still be an awesome pet (they have temperaments like dogs!). My husband has refused to allow a goat in the house though, lol.

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      1. Hahaha. Yeah I wouldn’t relish the idea of being around a 300 lb pig. I seen something not too long ago about the miniature pig craze and how people scoop them up as babies thinking they will remain small and their shocked to find out that they do become very large. So many of these pigs end up in sanctuaries. I also saw a video with some baby goats (so stinkin adorable) and you’re right they were running and hopping around like little dogs. Smart may your husband, a goat would probably have a field day in the house. 😀

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  7. What a cool idea! I bet you get to see a side of your husband (and vice versa) that you don’t always see when you do unique new experience like this. I love how you thought outside the box!

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  8. So awesome! We took our kids to a farm animal rescue sanctuary a few weekends ago, and my daughter’s favorite thing ever is pigs. It’s a great reminder that animals want and need love just as much as people, and deserve the right to live out their lives in peace. Pigs are pretty awesome, and highly intelligent. Looks like you had fun hanging out with them!


    1. It was really fun. That’s great that you brought your kids to a farm sanctuary so that they can learn from a young age that animals are valuable too! Whether it’s a dog, cat, or pig, people really shouldn’t adopt one unless they are sure that they can provide for the animal. A lot more than love and finding an animal cute goes into giving that animal a great life and I really wish that more people knew that.

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  9. If you like pigs, you should check out Esther the wonder pig on instagram (estherthewonderpig), Youtube and Facebook (I bet, although I don’t have FB). You will never eat pork again…. 🙂


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