90 Day Fitness Challenge: BeFiT in 90, Blogilates, and Tone It Up (Day 1 to 7)

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge I completed came with handy workout calendars that made it very easy to follow along. Unfortunately, my new 90 Day Fitness Challenge doesn’t have a calendar, but the video playlists are conveniently broken down by day on the BeFiT in 90 YouTube channel. For the pilates portion of my challenge, I am choosing videos that both interest and challenge me from Cassey Ho’s Blogilates YouTube channel. I am going to follow this plan for the next two weeks before moving on to two weeks of Tone It Up. By that point, I will be ready to move into Phase 2 of the BeFit in 90 program (which means new videos!).

I am really excited to be doing a new challenge and I’m having a lot of fun with it so far. I like the BeFiT trainers better than Cassey Ho, but that’s only because I cringe at excitable fitness instructors and Cassey has more energy than anyone I’ve ever seen (ever). She is constantly squealing about her clothes, nails, and hair, so you need to skip through the first several minutes of her videos to get to the actual workouts (seriously). Her personal product pushes are the worst, but I guess it’s to be expected with a free program. Despite all this, the workouts she designs are great (even if they have ridiculous names) and I do enjoy them (despite how incessantly chipper she is).

Does it matter to you who is teaching your fitness classes/programs/challenges? How much difference does your instructor make? 


Below you will find detailed reviews of the BeFiT in 90 Week 1 videos. In addition, I also did about 10 minutes of pilates videos with Cassey!

Day 1
BeFit in 90: Day 1

The infamous “they” advise never to miss a Monday. Well, today was Monday and also Day 1 of my new challenge…and JP and I slept in! If I don’t workout in the morning, chances are good that I won’t workout at all. Rather than risk setting my week (and my challenge) off to a terrible start, I decided to risk being late for work to get my videos done (I made it on time, in case you were wondering).

From what I can tell so far, there are four videos for each day: a warm-up, some weight training, some cardio, and a cool down (either stretching or yoga). I admit that when I realized the last video was “just a stretch,” I was tempted to skip it, but I’m happy to report that I didn’t. Beginner modifications are not really provided for any of the workouts, so anyone new to working out should be careful with this program.

Day 2
BeFiT in 90: Day 2

The weight training video was focused on back and shoulders, and the cardio video was essentially all punching, which was a serious double whammy! The yoga video taught me a very valuable lesson: I need to stretch more so that I don’t feel like screaming when I actually do. I am going to commit to doing all of the videos each day so that I get the maximum benefit (and hopefully some good results!).

Day 3
BeFit in 90: Day 3

On rest days, the BeFiT team provides “trainer tips” to guide you on your fitness journey. Since there are two rest days this week, I decided to do active recovery today in the form of two pilates videos with Cassey:

I was surprising sore given that I only worked out for two days, but I think the change in my program is hitting my body harder than I expected (in a good way!). When I first saw the calendar, I couldn’t believe the third day was a rest day, but now I know why (and I’m glad!).

Day 4
BeFit in 90: Day 4

The strength training video today was the easiest one yet. The next time it rolls around, I am going to increase the weights I use. The instructor took a page out of Shaun T’s book and had the male instructors strip down (minus one scrawny guy, who stayed clothed. The other two looked photoshopped).

Day 5
BeFit in 90: Day 5

Only a few days into the program and I’ve already done all of the videos that this phase has to offer. I am so glad that I planned for this impending boredom and decided to only do two weeks of each BeFiT phase before moving on. The videos are still challenging and provide a good workout, but they’re the same and that’s not exciting at all.

Day 6
BeFit in 90: Day 6

I took today completely off, which was a nice bonus for a Saturday!

Day 7
BeFit in 90: Day 7

This was a cardio day and I didn’t get to touch my weights. It was my least favourite day so far, but I know that it’s necessary to mix things up, so I’m going along with it!


7 thoughts on “90 Day Fitness Challenge: BeFiT in 90, Blogilates, and Tone It Up (Day 1 to 7)

    1. I remember when I went to the gym, I would only take spin classes with certain instructors. Now that I work out from home, I can’t be as picky. If I want good programs, I have to take the strange instructors with them, lol.

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  1. You made me realize that 38 years of training never involved a trainer or class. All of my exercise came from reading and listening to people. I think people have a great advantage today because the social aspect of exercise is probably nearly as important as the exercise itself. Making exercise a lifestyle choice is a difficult commitment. I believe it’s vital to live a life that offers quality living as well as the potential for increased quantity. People need to remember, however, that exercise is ONLY one component.

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    1. I used to love the group fitness classes at the gym, so working out with trainers at home is a similar feel. I think you’re right about the social component – I’d get bored doing it by myself. Also, I’m not yet knowledgeable enough to make up my own routines. Maybe one day!

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