90 Day Fitness Challenge: BeFiT in 90, Blogilates, and Tone It Up (Day 8 to 14)

This was a bad week for me in general and my overall well-being definitely suffered. Unfortunately, so did my workout schedule. My posts are a week behind because of including an introductory post, so you might remember that I hinted at my exhausted, drained, and miserable feelings in a recent post. However, rather than feel worse about myself for letting my emotions get the better of me this week, I am simply going to focus on how I can improve next week.

I am not going to let others have so much impact over my life that they cause me to have setbacks in achieving my overall life goals. Being healthy and fit matters to me so much more than they do and I need to always remember that and be mindful of what really matters to me. Usually I can overcome bad days, but the situation I’m currently in goes so far beyond that. However, I am trying not to dwell on negative feelings and just let it go until all of my efforts to change my situation finally pay off (and they will!).

In terms of my challenge this week, all of the BeFit videos were the same as last week. Luckily there are so many Blogilates videos posted on YouTube that I can easily find new ones to complete each day. As I mentioned, I didn’t do very well this week in terms of consistency. In fact, I only worked out four times total for the whole week and I skipped doing my workouts simply because I didn’t feel like doing them. Usually I can push myself through, but this week I just couldn’t. However, next week, I am determined to have a better update for you!

Have you ever been in a negative situation that impacted your overall well-being? How did you cope?


Below is the BeFit in 90 Week 2 workout schedule. In addition to completing these videos (most days), I also added in 10 minutes of Blogilates videos with Cassey Ho to work on my core and overall flexibility.

Day 8
BeFit in 90: Day 8

The combination of videos was fun today (yes, even the yoga one!).

Day 9
BeFit in 90: Day 9

I didn’t work out today.

Day 10
BeFit in 90: Day 10

Today was a rest day, so I did some active recovery pilates videos:

Day 11
BeFit in 90: Day 11

I mentioned in my previous update that the 8 pound weights I used to complete the arm video last time weren’t heavy enough. I used 10 pounds this week, which felt much better. Maybe I’ll be in the 12 pound territory soon! Watch out, Shaun T!

Day 12
BeFit in 90: Day 12

I didn’t work out today.

Day 13
BeFit in 90: Day 13

Saturday rest days are my favourite! I’m going to build them into my Tone It Up schedule for the next two weeks, which I will have to create on my own.

Day 14
BeFit in 90: Day 14

Today was focused on cardio and yoga, so as payback for not being diligent with my workouts, I got a double whammy of punishment in the form of things I don’t like doing.


18 thoughts on “90 Day Fitness Challenge: BeFiT in 90, Blogilates, and Tone It Up (Day 8 to 14)

  1. You are smart to use the blog site to help with accountability as well as venting. You already know the path that will help you achieve the goals you’ve established.
    The biggest challenge I see for you is finding “things” (activities, events, music, reading, social interactions, etc…) to balance your emotions. I don’t know you well enough to know whether you are an explosive personality or one that internalizes and suffers the effects. When you reach a certain point of frustration or anger, your brain can’t override your emotional decisions. This is a common and challenging problem. You have a big advantage though. You know what you should be doing. I see your next step as learning to tap into your resources that reduce the emotional distress level just far enough to allow the brain to become the dominant force. You will notice I didn’t say to solve the emotional problem. I have found that people with your level of understanding simply need to learn what it takes to bring this emotional component down several notches.
    The root problem is falling back into similar patterns of emotional distress without having personal reinforcements and a strategy to prevent its recurring ability to control your actions. Choosing not to exercise is healthy. Allowing your emotions to dictate your actions is not healthy. A new job will not correct this problem.

    Figure out what “things” you need BEFORE the bowel’s creation “hits the fan.” Only you can figure out what these “things” are that will reduce the volatility in emotional response. I know you (a little.) You’ll figure it out!

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    1. I definitely internalize. It takes a lot before I “explode” but I do suffer the consequences of that approach. Even when my father died, I had to be the practical one who got everything done rather than the person who fell apart (because, believe me, I wanted to!). I don’t give myself permission to be an emotional mess very often, so I keep it inside.

      You’re right (as usual) that I need to channel my emotions in a different way. I do have a lot of things that I love to do, but I feel like I can’t fully enjoy them when I’m stressed about work. What I need to do next is always niggling in the back of my mind and I need to turn that down.

      Also, I’m trying to be a lot more open on my blog because I know that I’m not the only person to be going through these issues/situations. It’s great to get advice from others and, on occasion, I’m even asked to give it.

      I like to think of myself as a logical rather than emotional person (like my dad was), but now the more I consider it, maybe I’m not. It seems that some of my responses mimic my mom’s versus my dad’s and that’s a new realization for me. My dad would always say, there’s no sense in getting upset, you can’t do anything about it, some things in life you can’t control. I know that to be true, but accepting it and dealing with it is entirely different.

      Thank you! You’ve definitely given me some “emotional well-being” homework.

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  2. I agree that you have to find a way to deal with the emotional stuff. Try to find a balance, a way to cope. I’m an internalizer as well. I’ve always had to be “the strong one” in my family, so I understand the feeling that you have shove your emotions to the side. I found outlets for my emotions that have helped me deal with this and I am learning to tell people when I’m not ok. It’s ok to have days when you’re not ok.

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    1. Thank you, that’s great advice. I didn’t realize I was having an emotional crisis until these thoughtful comments on my blog appeared! I love this community 🙂

      What outlets have you used for your stress if you don’t mind my asking? It seems I need some ideas!


      1. Lol! Of course I don’t mind! I love cooking, baking mostly. So, I make treats for friends and the teachers at my daughter’s school. I always save one treat for me and one for her. I also love to read. Reading is a good way to relax and forget your problems for a moment. I occasionally put on some music, dance wildly and sing(badly) really loud. I like writing and have a journal as well as my blog. Exercise, cardio and strength training mostly. Sometimes I’ll try meditation, but I lack focus and often times have to stop because of my wandering mind. If I need to vent about a particularly frustrating event in my life I call my sister or my friend. This was hard at first because I was always the one listening and helping them. It took a few times of me saying “I just need to vent, can you just listen?” For them to understand that I can’t always be the one to lift others up, sometimes I need lifting. Counting and pacing to calm down when I’ve kept things bottled up for too long and making lists. Lists of what needs done help me get those things out of my head and on paper to be marked off as completed. I also give myself permission to break down. Sometimes crying it out can be the release that is needed. I do this in private though, I’m not big on crying in front of others. My favorite though is having a hot cup of tea or coffee, sitting in my favorite chair with a warm blanket and a good book. It’s the best “me” time I ever get :).
        Well, those are my coping mechanisms. It used to be food and only food. That was how I coped with every stressful situation and every happy one. Food and shopping. I got to the point where neither my waistline nor my checking account could handle anymore. So I found new ways and continue to look for different ones. It’s good to have a healthy arsenal of coping mechanisms. Life can be hard, but it’s worth it😊. Hope this helps you find some outlets!

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      2. Thank you for sharing! We sound very similar. I’m always the one that my friends lean on versus the other way around and I often have friends who want to “solve” for me rather than just listen. I love your ideas though and I am going to try them out! I love to read, write, bake, exercise…I think I have all the tools and now just need to implement them.

        Thank you for your help 🙂 I appreciate it.

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      3. You’re welcome! You’ll get there:). I’ve been in a battle with my weight since I was very young. It wasn’t until this January that I really started working on getting healthy from a healthy mindset and place of love and not harshness. I have managed to lose 37 pounds:). It’s so much easier to lose the weight when you love yourself at every point in the journey instead of hating.
        I think friends who are used to leaning on you feel the need to help because you have been there for them. they don’t realize that just listening is the best help that can be given. We have to remind them:). Good luck! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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  3. Looks like you already have some great advice and your own good insight on this topic. I’ll add my two cents. When I’m stressed or emotional one of the best outlets for me is working out. I always feel better after a tough workout. Your on the right path, somedays or even weeks, are going to be tougher then others. Just keep pushing forward and never give up!

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  4. Hi! Staying committed to our daily routine is really tough. Sometimes in a week I feel like bed is more inviting than hitting the gym bit you really have to know what you want and your goals are important too.. I hope we can collaborate our work out routine ideas soon. 😍 All the best!

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    1. I always ask myself: “do I want to sleep for another hour or do I want to keep getting healthy?” Sometimes the answer is sleep, but I drag my butt out of bed anyway, lol. I try to remember WHY I’m doing something to stay motivated, but its not easy, especially when results are slow.

      I’d love to collaborate! 🙂

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  5. I was in a similar situation where stress was affecting my health. The stress caused my hypothyroidism to get worse very quickly. My solution? A career change (at 38 years old that idea sounded scary, but so right for me)! I’m focusing on fitness as a career – working towards my personal training certification and became a health & fitness coach. My healthy is much better and I’m way happier! We have less money but I’m completely ok with that because as we all know, some things are more important than money!
    Hopefully you find the right solution for you soon!

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  6. Hey girl! I was curious to know if you knew about the Tone it Up 7 day slim down. I was interested in it and was curious if you knew what it was or had any ideas for something like that. I am always watching what I eat and making it a life style but was interested it something that was a little more strict to help me fall completely bad in that mind set and not letting me stray. Any advice would be so great!:)

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    1. Hey 🙂

      Personally, I would not spend any money on the Tone It Up program. Their nutrition plan is very expensive and only comes as a PDF, not hard copy; their DVDs are ridiculously expensive; and while you do get access to “premium” content if you become a member, so many videos and recipes are available for free online. It’s just not worth it!

      However, I would suggest the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge or other free series that they feature on their YouTube channel. They have so many free workouts that are really great, so there is no need to pay! Dedicated fans may want to, but definitely check out the freebies before you commit to anything.

      The free workouts are shorter than the ones you pay for, but you can simply do them a few times in a row or combine several to make a custom workout that is as long as you want it to be. I compile 35 minutes worth of free videos from their channel for each day of the week during the “Tone It Up” portion of my challenge and I can definitely feel the burn the next day.

      I find that brands like Tone It Up and Blogilates make money off of their fangirls. They charge a premium for workouts, branded clothing and accessories, and even branded protein powder. I don’t buy into the hype, but then again, I’m sure that you will find some people who swear by it. Just be sure that you like their style before you commit. Full warning: they love to show commercials of themselves before each and every video where they showcase close ups of their body parts. It’s very sexualized and I often wonder who their target audience is with that approach!


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