90 Day Fitness Challenge: BeFiT in 90, Blogilates, and Tone It Up (Day 15 to 21)

This week, I did Tone It Up videos for five days. One of my days off was active recovery and I took one day completely off. I decided not to stick with a specific workout schedule, such as the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge, and simply choose the videos I felt like doing each day. I am starting to get more comfortable making my own selections now that I have so many videos in my arsenal to chose from.

Tone It Up has been made into a brand and a business with a similar approach as Blogilates: trying to hook fangirls by posting free videos and recipes online, and then selling them (expensive) DVDs and workout gear. Tone It Up takes the food component a step further and sells branded protein powder (which they conveniently put into their recipes) and a very expensive meal plan that is only available online. If I’m paying $150 for a cookbook, I expect a hard copy at the very least! Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing their overpriced PDF, especially when so many amazing recipes are available for free online.

In terms of a personal update, I have decided to take three weeks off from my awful job in December, which is exactly what I need to rest, relax, and recover. I have a lot of plans regarding things I want to accomplish, some of which are for my blog, and I am really looking forward to being home with B and having extra cuddle time (unfortunately JP can’t take time off right now).

To catch up on my challenge, check out my:

How organized are you when it comes to planning workouts, making meal plans, and preparing your food in advance? Are you able to just “go with the flow” or do you need a solid schedule to follow?



24 thoughts on “90 Day Fitness Challenge: BeFiT in 90, Blogilates, and Tone It Up (Day 15 to 21)

  1. I’m working on becoming better at planning in advance… I know that it’s the key to my success. I’m all to susceptible to bad choices if I’m hungry and there isn’t anything healthy around. Also… $150 for a cookbook?! I coach for Beachbody and our most recent cookbook is $30, I thought that was a little steep, ha!

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    1. I’m skeptical of a Beachbody cookbook. I made Shaun T’s quinoa burgers (the recipe came with T25) and my husband has never reacted so negatively to food that I made before, lol. I have to admit, they weren’t great. I get it, Shaun T wants you to eat for fuel and not taste…but COME ON! They were gross.

      I am the same way in that I will be reaching for a cookie if I don’t have any healthy snacks on hand. I’m susceptible to getting hangry so I don’t like to wait! That’s why food prep is so crucial to my success.

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      1. The only BB cookbook I’ve used is Fixate- and everything I’ve made has been fabulous. Were Shaun T’s burgers from a workout plan that came with a program? I haven’t been crazy about any of the recipes that come with programs, lol! Fixate is a hardcover cook and that’s why I trust it… ok, that’s officially a ridiculous thing for me to say, but it’s so true for me!

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  2. Good idea, Amanda, planning is key to keep on track. I would also set very specific and measureable goals, both short and long term. The more your can map it all out the more you’ll make the right choices.

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  3. I like the tone in your writing, however, seriously, quinoa burgers? I am a health nut and I wouldn’t eat quinoa burgers! If I was your significant other, I would consider switching beneficiaries of my life insurance policy. πŸ˜€
    I am glad to see 3 weeks of “you” time is in the works. I’ll bet it will help make you feel like a whole new person.

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    1. Hey! You’re supposed to be on my side! LOL

      I was thinking about giving quinoa burgers another go but this time adding in some salmon.

      Today was day 1 of my vacation and it was wonderful to be home. I wish I could be a stay at home dog mama πŸ˜€

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  4. I’m in between. I plan somethings, mostly workouts, and wing it on meal planning a good part of the time. I do have lots of healthy choices around so it makes it a bit easier. I’d like to plan more, but it’s a work in progress!

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  5. going with the flow. though… i admit that it has led me to not complete as many physical activity sessions as i should… it’s hard to motivate myself to do those things without going to a class but then classes are inconvenient. i literally need a personal yoga instructor to be motivated. i’m such a big baby.

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  6. It’s interesting to me that you are able to find motivation and success in the videos. Good for you! I switched to group training about five months ago and find it incredibly motivating. I’ve made friends, the other people literally cheer you on and some of the people are great role models. I enjoy it so much more than wandering around a gym with headphones on.

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    1. I used to love group fitness classes, but it’s much easier to fit home workouts into my schedule. I don’t like gyms (in any form) as a rule and I prefer the comfort of my own home.

      I think whether you are working out at home or at a gym, you will get results if you push yourself. It’s all about how hard you work (and, of course, what you eat!).


  7. This post was great . I also do the tone it up workouts and blogilates workouts and loved them. And I understand everyone wants to make money but there “cookbooks ” which are just pdf files are ridiculously expensive. So I like you will not be purchasing them either. But I do a little better when I stick to a routine. I can’t just freestyle it. I’ve tried that before and I end up just getting unmotivated. So I do try to stick to a schedule. All my workouts are at home workouts. I do mix it up a bit bc I incorporate yoga in my routines. Flexibility is a big thing for me. Trying to do the splits in 2016. But keep up the great work I love your blog. I’ve been slacking on mine 😬. But I’ll find my groove again. πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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    1. I love my home workouts, but I am thinking about taking a spin class once a week. I find that for some things, you really do need the group exercise atmosphere. I used to spin a few times per week and I miss it terribly! Exercising is the easy part for me; it’s the other 23 hours a day when I need to decide what to stick in my mouth that is the problem, lol.

      I admire that the Tone It Up girls have turned their workout videos into a successful brand and business, but I can’t justify buying expensive PDFs when most of their recipes are available for free online AND require you to buy their protein powder. No, thank you!


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