Winter Bucket List (2015)

The first official day of winter was yesterday. Winter is always a struggle for me because I don’t like being cold and in Southern Ontario, it gets very cold. Breathing cold air makes my eyes water, my lungs burn, and my nose run…charming, right? The problem is that the gloomy winter season seems to go on forever and my favourite season with the best weather (autumn) goes by in a flash. I admit that I am very picky about weather because I also struggle with scorching hot summer days. You can imagine that if my happiness was based on weather alone, I would not be a very content person! While I do want to eventually move to a more temperate climate, for now my solution is to make the best of every season by setting reasonable and fun goals for myself.

PS: You can also check out myΒ overall bucket list.

Tell me what you want to accomplish this winter in the comments below.

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My Winter Bucket List
  1. Cuddle with JP and B by the fire (I wish we had a wood burning stove instead of a gas one!)
  2. Make some hearty soups in my trusty crock pot
  3. Go snowshoeing
  4. Take B for a walk every night, no matter how frigid it is outside (you’re lucky I love you, B!)
  5. Indulge in one hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows
  6. Make a gingerbread house (and then give it away)
  7. Go on a horse drawn carriage ride
  8. Take a family picture
  9. Do a sugar detox (more on this to follow!)
  10. Spend at least one day volunteering (there is a local boxer rescue nearby that we keep meaning to get involved with)
  11. Make healthy ice cream
  12. Feed some reindeer (they have a place to do this locally – bonus!)
  13. Make a snow angel
  14. Add daily cardio sessions and yoga flows to my life
  15. Explore some local venues with DK and our husbands, such as art galleries and museums
  16. Write another 100 pages in my novel
  17. Continue to make resolving my various health concerns a priority
  18. Go with JP and B to take some winter wonderland photographs
  19. Reduce (if not eliminate) my gluten intake
  20. Incorporate at least one “meatless” day per week
  21. Give baked goods to our family and friends for the holidays

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35 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List (2015)

  1. What a diverse list! Here in Oregon it rains and rains and rains some more during the winter, so my bucket list is basically to go outside whenever there is a break in the clouds πŸ™‚ Being able to sneak in a dry round of golf or a jog with a friend is such a luxury here until April! It is nice to be so near the mountain where I can snowboard and snowshoe as often as I like though. Keep us updated on your list – I am especially interested in your sugar detox and daily cardio sessions!

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    1. I love rainy days, but I don’t know about non-stop. That might get a bit gloomy…and I’d have to spend my life wiping off my dog’s paws, lol.

      I’m starting my sugar detox on January 4 and I am both terrified and looking forward to it. I know that it’s something I need to do but I am going to have terrible withdrawal symptoms (my poor husband! LOL).

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  2. I would like to spend some time making a bucket list!
    1. Continue to share health related messages to stimulate “thinking” and inspire action steps by the readers.
    2. Continue to exercise and show the younger crowd at the gym that exercise is lifelong; not just when your 20 something.
    3. Continue to look up toward the sky and quietly offer thanks in appreciation for all the opportunities I have had and guidance helping me fulfill my purpose in life.
    4. To spend quality time with those I love (both humans and animals.)

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    1. You should write a bucket list (and post it) because I’d love to read it! I’m glad that continuing your blog is in your plans because you write really important messages that resonate with so many people. I will be sad if you ever stop blogging…but I know where to find you! That sounded ominous…I meant over email, lol.

      I think a lot of people exercise to look good and when they reach a certain age and stop caring (at least as much) about how they look, then they stop working out. I miss looking how I used to and I won’t lie and say otherwise, but my health is (and always will be) my primary concern.

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      1. Those who stop exercising as they age never exercised for themselves. Looks (to a large extent) matter if you are out to impress others. As we age, we begin to realize that big arms with a diseased heart is not a winning combination. If health is truly the motive, the secondary aesthetic benefits will follow.

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    1. We are pretty much neighbours! Merry Christmas to you as well.

      I don’t have Facebook in my personal life and I know that getting it for my blog would help my stats. However, it wouldn’t help my life because I don’t have time to manage another social media platform, lol. I am going to be introducing a new posting cadence soon though πŸ™‚

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  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I am so new to blogging…11/8/15…and this beautiful world is giving me so many ideas. I have a BUCKET LIST, but now want to have bucket lists – for times and seasons! So with very little thought, I definitely want to do a few things this winter: *go to Pure Barre again (which I loved right before my life fell apart in early summer, 2014, but haven’t made it back); *pass on the non-profit I started in 2008, and move into the next steps of my journey; *invite someone new to dinner at least twice a month; *take a brutal inventory of involvements, and simplify with focus; *ride my bike at least four days a week (okay…I DON’T live in Ontario, but rather the sunny and unseasonably warm Florida so this is actually a possibility!); *train and run for a 1/2 marathon…maybe one day…a whole marathon… That’s a START for me! Oh gosh…the sugar detox…I really need to consider this too. Thank you so much for this!

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    1. Thank you for reading! I agree that the Word Press community is so fantastic – very supportive, kind, and creative!

      I’m jealous that you can ride your bike every day if you want to. One day my husband and I hope to be “snow birds” and spend half of the year in Florida and the other half at our recreational property in the Muskokas (Ontario).

      I love the idea of inviting new people to dinner every month, but I find it hard to actually meet new people and make new friends now that I’m an adult. My husband and I have a small group of special friends, but I would love to expand that!

      I am looking forward to checking out your blog in more detail πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you, Scarletpen. Lovely that you may end up being in Florida part of the year down the road! I’d love to spend part of the year further north. I started a non-profit in 2008 and have been deeply involved in both my local community and the broader region/state…and so many of the people I want to know BETTER. Please do take a read of my blog. It has been describing a lot of pain to date, but healing has started…and continued… Happy Merry Christmas to you, and joy for 2016!

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  4. Ok, your weather issues made me laugh, mainly because I have the exact same struggles. Love Autumn, hate the cold and heat and I don’t get along. The struggle is real! Lol
    Great bucket list also. We share a few of those too, like snowshoeing. I’m still waiting for more snow so we can try out our new shoes from last year.

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  5. I like your list. I also love to make snow angels – reminds me of my childhood. But we don’t have any snow now, so…
    And I baked lots of cookies this year and gave them to family and friends. I love baking, and I’m glad they love eating πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays πŸ™‚

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    1. We don’t have any snow either. It’s been a very mild (even balmy) December. I am definitely NOT complaining as winter always seems to last forever.

      We gave out many cookie tins over the last week and everyone was very appreciative. That’s a tradition that I think I am going to keep πŸ™‚

      Happy holidays!

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      1. I also don’t miss snow. I mean, white Christmas would have been nice, but being with my family is what is way more important to me.

        I love your tradition of giving out cookies tins. The best to do at Christmas is giving. Hope you had wonderful holidays.

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      2. Thank you! We made up for the lack of Christmas snow by being dumped on yesterday, lol. Everyone LOVED their cookie tins and they look forward to them each year. Such an easy way to make someone’s day!

        Happy holidays to you as well πŸ™‚


  6. oh so many comments!!
    1. are we talking homemade marshmellows?
    2. and maybe cocoa instead of hot chocolate…?
    3. can i come for the horse drawn carriage/sled ride??? actually, maybe i’ll get on a horse instead… πŸ˜›
    4. have you ever made ice cream the old fashioned way???? i read somewhere you do it in the snow!! :O
    5. will you eat the reindeer after you feed them….? just saying!
    6. what do you have in mind in terms of places to check out? i think there are lots of neat places to check out! i really like the mcmichael gallery but haven’t checked out some of the smaller ones before. yeah!
    bring on 2016!!

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    1. 1. I have never made a homemade marshmallow, but that has now been added to my bucket list.

      2. I am open to cocoa, but not ovaltine. That stuff is AWFUL (but my mom’s favourite).

      3. You can ride the horse that pulls me, JP, and B πŸ˜€

      4. I had an ice cream maker as a kid but it required SO MUCH salt that my dad never let me use it. I was thinking about using my food processor and frozen bananas. I will need to experiment!

      5. I would not eat Santa’s reindeer! That would be a travesty!

      6. I want to check out some local events and festivals. It’s easier in the summer because I know there is a famous peach festival that is (relatively) nearby. I am thinking about checking out some local community websites and seeing what they have on. LCBO offers some classes, which I think would be fun (AL told us about that) and maybe taking some kind of cooking class. I think it would be fun to play “tourist” in our own communities and check out some of the local attractions that we may not have even heard of. I’d also like to see some of the bigger ones like the ROM and Ripley’s and going to old Montreal or even exploring Ottawa would be great (but a bit of a trek). I have so many ideas!


      1. 1. i’m excited to try homemade marshmellows. i actually don’t know what they’re made of. i saw some square ones at a market once but ADW wouldn’t let me get them because he thought they were over priced. or maybe it was me, who thought that… hm. guess it doesn’t really matter b/c i didn’t get to taste em!

        2. i remember seeing an episode of laura calder where she made a simple hot cocoa with real cocoa powder, honey/agave/sugar and milk/water. at least there you can adjust the sweet to your own taste and use the one you prefer. *shrug* i looked for that recipe/episode and came up empty handed though 😦

        3. hehehe i think that JP would probably want to jump on a horse too…

        4. salt! i didn’t know you needed salt to make ice cream? i assume it doesn’t go INTO the ice cream? i think you can do it on a cold winter day by putting the cream out in the snow and then running in and out of the house to stir it until it becomes ice cream?

        5. i would! πŸ˜€ and i think i might have… i have a post about that somewhere πŸ˜‰

        6. oh that’s neat to do! i looked into a few of the local ones to me and have done some of them already. i also have a ROM membership soo…. you can come with, without paying for admissions.

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      2. 1. Usually you are very frugal, but not when it comes to food. I bet it was ADW who said no to $20 marshmallows.

        2. I could make that right now! Although they say agave is just as bad for you as sugar but people *think* it’s healthy. However, “they” say a lot of different things on a daily basis.

        3. Probably! He’s crazy too.

        4. There is a ton of sodium in ice cream from what I understand, at least if you are using an ice cream maker. The food processor recipes have the consistency of ice cream but I’m sure it probably doesn’t taste the same. I’m not sure I want to eat snow with B hanging out in the backyard!

        5. Why am I not surprised? You’d probably eat B!

        6. You need to look in my neck of the woods. They have a lot of cool and historical places in this general vicinity. I will email you!


  7. We live in Wisconsin which is also very cold and snowy. I feel much like you do about winter. I have also been reading all categories here on your blog….very nice!

    I struggle through every single winter here and can not wait to relocate eventually.

    Life is way to short to wait for spring/ summer/fall…..I prefer to die living not living to die, like I feel I do all winter long.

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    1. Exactly! The weather can drastically impact your mood and life. I have been EXHAUSTED all week and I know it has to do with the fact that I haven’t seen the sun in what feels like forever. Our long term plan is to be “snow birds” and migrate to Florida for the winters, but I need to do something about it now!

      Thank you for your kind words about my blog πŸ™‚


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