My 21 Day Sugar Detox

I will start with a confession: I’m addicted to sugar. That doesn’t mean that I indulge in it all the time, but it does mean that I want to. Unfortunately, added sugar is in almost everything, so I don’t think that I am alone in my addiction.

I’ve decided to start the new year by doing a 21 day sugar detox, which includes eliminating all sources of added sugar as well as all fruit, dairy, gluten, alcohol, processed food, and simple carbohydrates. Essentially, I am embracing the caveman lifestyle and subscribing to the paleo system for the next while.

sugar-cube-258116_640 (2)I am fully expecting terrible withdrawal symptoms, but on the bright side, Grams is doing the detox with me. Misery loves company, right? In all seriousness, I am excited to do this detox because I know it’s going to be good for my health, but I am also dreading it because, let’s face it, change is hard and depriving yourself of things that you like is crappy. I also hate being bored, so I’m sure that a limited diet will be a struggle for me.

I am hoping that the detox will improve my eating habits, help me make healthier choices, aid in weight loss, increase my energy level, help regulate my thyroid naturally, and even improve my complexion. On January 27, I will share my results with you, including:

  • How I felt throughout the detox, including both my withdrawal symptoms and any positive effects that I experience
  • My weight loss, if any (I’m skeptical!)
  • Roadblocks I faced, such as people inviting me to go out to eat (it’s only 21 days, they can wait!)
  • What I ate during the detox (I have a complete meal plan that I created myself after much research. I was too cheap frugal to pay for the 21 Day Fix)
  • My next steps and what my diet will look like after the detox is complete

Have you ever done a sugar detox or any other kind of detox? What were your results? Do you have any advice or encouragement for me? Please share! 

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Disclosure: if you buy any of these products from me, or do any of your shopping through my store, my sweet boxer, B, will get some treat money. He thanks you in advance for supporting his cookie addiction and I thank you for supporting my blog.


44 thoughts on “My 21 Day Sugar Detox

  1. Just a personal opinion…you can still go out to eat with friends while on this detox. As a type 1 diabetic I know that most restaurants are very accomidating when it comes to dietary restrictions. You can always get a lean meat…fish, chicken breast etc with NO sauce just spices, and steamed veggies with the same. Most places are more than happy to take requests. Just saying 🙂

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    1. That’s a good point and I was debating how to handle my sister in law’s birthday dinner! We have some friends coming over this weekend and I am making separate food for myself (no sense in making everyone suffer, lol), but it’s harder to handle at a restaurant. Come to think of it though, Paleo is pretty trendy, so some restaurants likely have Paleo menus.

      Good idea, as always. Thank you! 🙂

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      1. The way I look at it is…you cant stay hidden away forever..and you cant avoid all meals just because you eat differently than other people. I literally used to carry a measuring cup around with me for those such outings (because I have to eat a set amount of each food group at every meal, not over not under). But if you are at a restaurant you can definately ask for extra veggies instead of a grain (rice/pasta) to go with your lean meat. If you are at your sister in law’s maybe ask them to have extra veggies or meats or offer to bring a platter (and put what you can eat on it).
        I wish you the best of luck on this.

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      2. That’s true. My husband actually suggested that we wait to have our friends over until after my detox is over, but like you said, I don’t want to stop living my life just because of my food choices. There is more to being social than food (though now I’m questioning how many gatherings revolve around it). There is always a way around it and I thank you for pointing that out to me (and for the luck!).


  2. I haven’t done a detox, but I have given up sugar before (and I’m doing it now). Don’t get discouraged by the sugar cravings. I’ve found that they go away after the first week. I like having a drink, or two, and that was a change for me. But, you’ll really start to feel great during that second week and have lots of energy. I look forward to reading about your follow-up later this month.


    1. Yesterday, I probably would have killed someone to have one of the sugar cookies at work, lol. Luckily no one suffered bodily harm and I also didn’t eat the cookie. I am going to stick with it no matter what because in the grand scheme of things, 21 days is not that long!

      Thank you for the advice and for reading 🙂

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  3. As much as you may not enjoy tracking food (using My Fitness Pal or Diet Power or some other program) this has proven to be one of the most effective tools to improve health AND successfully achieve LONG TERM weight loss. I also HIGHLY encourage a digital food weight scale. The purpose is to accurately enter your info. into the food log; NOT to create portion sizes. This makes weighing food more appealing. If you are going to start the new year off with a detox, why not incorporate ALL the components that lead to successful health gains AND weight loss?

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    1. Every time you mention this (and you are known for your persistence), I feel very lazy. It just sounds like so much WORK (and now I sound lazy).

      However, the most successful people I know (in terms of weight loss and maintenance) do track their food intake either with Weight Watchers or My Fitness Pal.

      My friend told me that she more or less “knows” what she can eat now and doesn’t need to track, but she’s been thin a long time. I guess that I skipped to the last part of the process without actually doing the learning first…oh boy.

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      1. Just so you know, I continue to this day (and began my tracking in 1995) to track my food. It is not a punishment for those looking to lose weight. It provides necessary information about macro and micro nutrients and helps when dietary changes may need to be implemented to improve lab values. The 5 minutes that it takes each day is worth it to me to (hopefully) never have to rely on pharmaceuticals.

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      2. Well, when you put it that way…I guess if I reframe it in my mind that it’s not a punishment or a limitation, but something that will take me 5 minutes a day, then I can start to wrap my head around doing it. The fact that you are still doing it and you are one of the healthiest people I know shows me that there is definitely something to it that I need to consider further.

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  4. I’m curious to hear how everything turns out. I hope you do update us with your progress. I tried a paleo diet but failed miserably since I don’t cook. I can’t tell someone what and how to cook, so my ass was stuck eating grains because that’s what everyone around me eats.

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      1. Really? I’m so jealous! What have you found most difficult? I’ll be on the lookout. You’re welcome.


  5. take measurements of your body. like waist, thigh, chest. then measure once a week and take it as recording the history. you can even get fancy and chart your progress on an excel spreadsheet! adw loves charts. anyway, my point is taking only weight is not enough… you want to take more measurements. i’d even go as far as get a baseline blood workup but maybe that’s going too far and without regular tests, it might not be worth it. anyway, good luck! i’m sure i’ll hear about it regularly 😛

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    1. You will have the honour of hearing about it DAILY 😀 I agree with ADW about charts – I have Excel sheets for everything (are you surprised?).

      I have taken pictures and my starting weight, but not measurements. I will do that today! Also, I do get regular blood work done with my crazy doctor because of my thyroid and various other things, so I’m glad that a baseline exists there. You know my laundry list of problems, and I’m hoping that getting healthy will alleviate all of them!


  6. I have done a 28 day detox from dairy, gluten, soy and sugar supplements. I followed a plan by Arbonne. It was expensive but the idea was wonderful and could be replicated. I felt so good after the detox. The first week was hard. I had headaches because I was having withdrawals. But I started waking up earlier without my alarm. I had more energy and ate less! Good luck, you will do great!

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      1. For weeks after I slowly included them back into my diet. Now I am back to my same old bad habits. After the detox it is important to go slow. You can get sick if you decide to eat half a pizza right after. Your body may also become irritable and develop some slight allergies.

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  7. My first ever crush was addicted to sugar. I remember on our first date she asked for extra sugar and told me how much she addicted to it. I think all sweet people are addicted to it :P. All the best for taking up this challenge. I also quite cigarette completely few months back. It is all about controlling your mind, a kind of internal war.

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  8. awesome! I can’t wait to read the blog at the end of your detox. I wasn’t as brave as you but I did declare to “cut” down on sugar use/consumption for the beginning of this year. So far, okay. I hope my palate holds out. All the best in your detox!

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    1. I know what you mean. Yesterday my family had pizza and I made my own food, which definitely earns me the side eye, lol. I don’t push it on anyone else though and my results have been phenomenal so far, which makes me not want to stop!


      1. I totally understand. I didn’t push it on anyone either, but watch, after a while people around you might start to resent you for your will power and great results :(. and try to undermine. Hope it doesn’t happen! 🙂

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  9. I eliminated the 7 foods that contribute to inflammation (JJ Virgin) three years ago. Not for three weeks, but for three months. Did nothing else. Lost 17 pounds. Now it’s later, I’ve gained back 8 of the pounds (not terrible, but not great, either), but eating sugar is just so not good. I eat A LOT of sugar and keep meaning to stop and don’t (okay, I just described addiction), but here’s what I know: after three days, the craving stops. In five, my joints feels better. so okay, maybe today?!! Good luck. I know it’ll be worth it.

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    1. The cravings have stopped for me and I was a sugar-a-holic. The problem is, as soon as I eat it again, I will be back where I started. It’s like someone having “just one” cigarette…it doesn’t work that way for me! I’m not craving it, so I can’t imagine going back, but I’ve been here and decided to go back, so we’ll see how strong I can be!

      What were the 7 foods that you eliminated? Curious minds want to know 🙂


      1. Yes for me too – one bite and I’m back. The seven foods are sugar, gluten, dairy, eggs, peanut, corn, and soy. I don’t drink so alcohol wasn’t on the list. Look her up. She’s written an entire book on sugar.

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  10. Wow, I am very inspired by you and I wish you well for your sugar detox. I try and eat healthy but I know I have way too much sugar in my diet. I’ll be super interested to hear how you go and how you feel during and afterwards. Good luck with it all.

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  11. I did a detox called 3 day refresh (Beachbody) because we had lived in a hotel during relocation and ate restaurant food for a month – it was tough, but really the way we should eat, no coffee no meat and no sugar for 3 days (I did have green tea once a day) – Shakeology, veggies, fruit and healthy fat – it was tough but on day 4 I was amazed at how I felt

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