Photo Friday #1: Our Front Door

At the end of every walk, we let B run from the bottom of our driveway up to our front door. He sits and waits patiently for his mom and dad to catch up and let him in. It’s one of my favourite daily traditions because it reminds me of how far B has come in terms of his training.

This picture is from last year before JP put white birch sticks in the black planters (and when we actually had snow!). We are planning to paint our front door red in the spring because, for some reason, I have always wanted a red door! I once wanted to buy a house just because it had a red door, but JP smartened me up.

What B is wearing:

  • A winter coat from RC Pet Products (they make great quality products and also have an excellent return/replacement policy just in case)
  • Winter boots from Muttlucks (these are by far the best winter boots that we’ve found and we have tried out several brands. Trust me, B plays hard and these stand up to his rambunctious energy)

What is your favourite daily tradition?


Disclosure: if you buy any of these products from me, or do any of your shopping through my store, my sweet boxer, B, will get some treat money. He thanks you in advance for supporting his cookie addiction and I thank you for supporting my blog.


33 thoughts on “Photo Friday #1: Our Front Door

  1. It’s called, “bite the forearm.” Tucker lets Elaine (my wife) know approximately 1 hour after dinner that it is time to play this game. He will ONLY play it with her. She pushes him away, he lunges at her (extremely gently taking her forearm in his mouth) and rolling onto his back. She pushes him away and then he begins to bay like a beagle. It is very cute.

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    1. It’s funny how dogs learn who to go to for what. B actually hates to play with me and only will as a last resort. He will go to JP first, and then even to my mom and our friends before he will bring his ball to me. You can see him giving a look like, “oh great, I’m stuck with mom” if no one else wants to play. However, he hates to cuddle with anyone but me, so at least I get that πŸ™‚

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      1. It is a learnt behaviour in terms of the human. Dogs can quite easily train a human to pick a ball off the floor and repeatedly throw it as they return, spit it out and so on. It’s good to break it up a bit and add some variation, hide the ball or put it in your pocket and do nothing with it. It’s a case of not allowing the dog to dictate when and how. By alternating patterns, the dog does not always predict the behaviour of the human. This is not so much of a problem in a dog that does not exhibit obsessive behaviours/traits.

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      2. My cat knows that she can play rough with Dad too. She has to keep claws in when she plays with me so she goes for Dad. I also don’t throw her ball very far- Dad gets that one too. I throw it and she looks at me like, “loser.”

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      3. Lol, I know that look very well and I feel your pain. A lot of times when I throw the ball, it is an epic fail. My husband can throw it across a field. I guess I understand B’s choice even if I don’t like it, lol. Dads get all the fun!

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      1. I don’t just dress him up for fun, lol. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to poor B…well, okay, fine, I did put a birthday hat on him for his birthday. But the coat and boots are just because it’s cold and the salt to melt the ice makes his paws bleed. He has been wearing it since he was a pup though, yes.

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      2. Sorry, some pet owners do… That’s awesome of you! I had no idea that the salt would do that to the pup! Now I feel awful for the pain we used to put our dog through in the winter…

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      3. I think it’s cute and will sometimes do it for a picture, but I do respect that a dog is a dog and they don’t want to wear clothes for fun. If there’s a purpose, that’s different.

        We noticed the salt was an issue when B was limping after a walk one day…we felt terrible 😦

        They have disposable latex rubber booties that many pet owners use, but since I’m allergic to latex (and it’s also wasteful), we decided to just buy a pair of boots for him!

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  2. He’s cute. You are lucky to have B. Dogs bring so much joy in a person’s life. I like his clothes and booties. My last dog was a winter dog. You could hardly get her in her purple harness. She bounded and leaped through snow, she just loved it and had the thick American Eskimo fur to keep her warm. Good news though I might be getting a puppy in the next year. Not a big fury dog but a little indoor one who doesn’t shed like Nikki. Thanks for sharing your story!

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    1. I can’t imagine life without a dog – I hope you do end up getting one! You’re right about the joy they bring and B also relieves my stress and is a great adventure buddy. Your old dog sounds like a husky – you can’t get them into the house either, lol.

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  3. dressing our furbabies up is part of the fun! how else are they gonna “make their keep”? LOLOLOL that’s what i tell bucky and stanley and they don’t seem to mind. and they’re cats πŸ˜€

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