Photo Friday #2: Night Scene #1

I recently bought JP a new camera and he has been practicing taking night shots. I’m excited to profile his work on my blog and I’m also excited to see his progress and watch him grow in his hobby. We took this picture on New Year’s Eve after we left my brother’s place.

Well, to be fair, JP took the picture while B and I waited in the car (it was freezing). We learned that the battery in my car was faulty after B and I decided to listen to some country tunes while we waited (with the car off). When JP returned to the car with his lovely pictures, it wouldn’t start!

JP stayed calm while I panicked (my mom doesn’t drive on the highway and wouldn’t be able to come get us and I hated the idea of waking up my brother and his baby daughter), which is status quo at our house. However, JP got the car started and we were on our way home in time to share New Year’s kisses with B!

How did you spend New Year’s Eve in 2015?

IMG_0596 (2)


20 thoughts on “Photo Friday #2: Night Scene #1

  1. Beautiful night time picture.
    Dinner with a few couples and then back to one of their houses to bring in the New Year. Yes, some of us old people are still capable to remain awake until midnight! πŸ˜€

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    1. I barely made it until midnight and I paid for it the next day! I need my sleep and I like a routine (I’m essentially 80 in my mind). It’s funny – we had a quiet evening in with my brother and his new baby, whereas most people in our parents’ demographic went out and painted the town red. Role reversal!


  2. Nice shot! My girlfriend and I had dinner with my friend and his girlfriend, and one other friend…some others were too sick to attend. Then we returned the following day to the same house for the polar plunge and mimosas in his hot tub!

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚

      Also: POLAR PLUNGE? ARE YOU MAD?! πŸ˜€

      My husband and I went to a Scandinavian spa that had a “cool” bath and I couldn’t even stand that, lol. You’re brave.

      That sounds like a nice New Year’s Eve. I’m getting too old to keep up with the partying kids nowadays πŸ˜‰

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