Photo Friday #3: Winter is Officially Here

If you read my winter bucket list, you will know that I essentially hate winter because I hate being cold (dry skin, dry hair, runny nose…need I say more?!), snow is a hazard for both driving and walking (at least if you have balance like I do), and there always seems to be less to do (or perhaps I am just less motivated to do anything because it’s so dark, gloomy, and depressing outside).

I can understand why so many people get the blues in January and I personally have to work really hard not to let the weather get to me. We were lucky so far in terms of snow in Southern Ontario (read: we didn’t have any for a long time), but we have been getting dumped on lately. I find myself dreaming of sunshine, lakes, and being back on the boat!

However, despite all of that, I do think snow looks beautiful if I don’t have to be outside in it!

How do you feel about snow?



44 thoughts on “Photo Friday #3: Winter is Officially Here

  1. I despise cold weather and snow…yet I ended up moving in Minnesota. I’m not a fan of running yet I ended up signing up for a marathon…so here I am running outside 2X a week in the snow.

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  2. Not a fan. Lived with it for over 35 years and now only have to deal with it 1-2 times a year. (In most cases it dissipates within 48 hours.) I am a warm weather lover. I enjoy outdoor recreational activities and adapt well to heat. Summer will return sooner than we realize. Each year seems to move faster and faster.

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    1. That’s true, I am always conscious of not “wishing” time away because it has a way of passing fast enough. I actually said to JP just yesterday that I can’t believe it’s the end of January already! It has actually warmed up today anyway and I didn’t even need a jacket πŸ™‚

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  3. Love snow- here in Denmark we get some but in my opinion not nearly enough- my love for clearing my driveway or de-icing the front door comes from England where basically we only get snow for 1.5 days a year and it kills the country

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    1. England does have a pretty frantic and panicked response to snow, lol. It’s amusing from where I’m sitting that a tiny bit of snow can shut down a city. Meanwhile, sometimes I feel like I need a tunnel to get from my house to my car!

      You are welcome to some of my snow πŸ˜€

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  4. AGH!! I’m not ready for the snow 😦 I was wondering if you were planning on writing any posts on prepping your body for the winter? (skin care and hair product advice?) I just got my haircut today and not sure if it was my vest or the cold that made my hair oh-so-staticky X_X! My skin is also particularly dry but I haven’t found a good, trusted brand of lotion/cream that can withstand the harsh winds for my body (my face surprisingly is doing well and not cracking from the cold gusts :o)


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    1. I have actually started making my own products! Like you, I’ve been unable to find any companies that I trust to offer safe, non-toxic products. Even those who claim to do so often don’t when you dig deeper (which I have been doing!). I have found the best approach to be making my own so I know exactly what goes into each product. I have eczema that flares up in the winter and I’m determined to cure it naturally this season!

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      1. Do you have recommendations as to which ingredients have worked for you? I have eczema too on my arms and my legs that tend to flare up during the winter weather as well! I bought almond oil and sometimes use it on occasion directly on my arms and face and haven’t had an adverse reaction (yet LOL) but it’s not making a significant difference in making the itchiness stop.

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  5. I have a love/hate relationship with Snow. Right now in about 18 inches of it, I’m on the hate end, but last week when I saw the first flakes of the season that blanketed my lawn and bushes, I lived it’s beauty and didn’t realize how much I missed seeing it. Today I want it to go away!! Lol! Chanel

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      1. That would be so ideal!!! Delaware just got dumped on pretty bad over the last 1.5 days. We had 18 snow storms last winter and it was extremely depressing! The longest winter ever and now it’s back around againπŸ˜• Chanel

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  6. I love snow on the first day. Its pretty we make chilli or broccoli soup, but day 2. When the snow has tire marks and oil drippings all over it smashed up on the side of the road it gets ugly and becomes annoying, like melt or stay prettyπŸ˜‚

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  7. I have a love hate relationship with the snow. We live in Northern BC so we tend to have snow for at least 6 months of the year. When it’s not too cold and were not got dumps of the white snow, I enjoy it. It brightens everything up and is beautiful.

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