My 21 Day Sugar Detox Results

My 21 day sugar detox is now complete and I learned a lot. I am sure that you have all been waiting with bated breath to hear how I fared…right? However, before I started this process, I did a lot of research to ensure that my approach was both safe and effective. If you are interested in doing a sugar detox, I highly recommend that you do the same.

Here are some resources to help you get started, which are all available in my store:

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My 21 Day Sugar Detox Results

So, how were the last 21 days? If I had to sum the process up in one word, it would be: green.

green-juice-769129_640 (2)

The Good
  • I learned how to be mindful about my eating and really pay attention to everything that I put in my mouth since there was so much that I wasn’t allowed to put into it.
  • I experienced quite a bit of weight loss despite the fact that I caught a cold partway through the process and couldn’t work out. For anyone who has been following my fitness journey to date you will understand that this is a very big deal for me. Words can’t describe how I feel, so I leave you with this:
seinfelddance.gif~c200The Bad
  •  Eliminating added sugar is one thing, but also eliminating fruit, dairy, gluten, alcohol, processed food, and simple carbohydrates at the same time is a lot to get used to. Surprisingly, I wasn’t grumpy like I feared that I would be and I did verify this observation with independent third parties.
  • Eating a restricted diet can be very boring and repetitive. It’s also a pain when you’re out at a restaurant or at someone’s house for dinner.
The Ugly
  • For the first few days, I had terrible headaches. I generally don’t take medication, but I wasn’t able to make it through my work day without taking some Advil.
  • I was exhausted and I didn’t see an increase in energy at all. I hated feeling so drained all the time, but being sick was also a factor.
Next Steps

Am I going to keep eating like this forever? In a word, no, but I will continue to be mindful. I will slowly re-introduce fruit and dairy and indulge in simple carbohydrates every so often too because I don’t believe in saying “never” about many things in life. However, I do hope to only consume added sugar on occasion and to keep gluten out of my system entirely.

If you have done a detox, how did you feel after it was complete? What was your action plan to sustain your results when the detox was over?

Disclosure: if you buy any of these products from me, or do any of your shopping through my store, my sweet boxer, B, will get some treat money. He thanks you in advance for supporting his cookie addiction and I thank you for supporting my blog.


38 thoughts on “My 21 Day Sugar Detox Results

    1. Thank you! I never thought that I could give up sugar because I love it so much. Oddly, I don’t even want anything sweet anymore. We were out for dinner over the weekend and a brownie came with our meal…and I didn’t eat it! This is unheard of in my past life, lol. As usual, it was my mind setting the limitations and not my body.

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      1. Hahaha that’s so awesome! I went on a juice cleanse for a day just to see how my body would react and it was definitely one of the toughest challenges I’ve ever done, but it was so rewarding. At that moment I realized we can achieve anything and there are no such things as limitations.

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  1. I’ve never done a detox but I once had to go on a low-iodine diet for 2 weeks in preparation for a diagnostic test. My diet was severely restricted. I was vegan, gluten free and had to avoid most of my favorite fruits and vegetables for several weeks. I basically ate brown rice, black beans or garbanzo beans, tomatoes, onions, apples and oatmeal. I was allowed to have very limited amounts of other vegetables (technically I wasn’t even supposed to have many onions!). I lost quite a bit of weight and I felt pretty good, actually but it was much too restricting to continue long term

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    1. I don’t think I’d be able to follow my detox diet forever, and actually, I don’t even think that I’d want to. I believe in food diversity because you never know when “they” are going to change their minds about what’s good for you. However, I’m still happy I did the detox because I lost my sugar cravings! Whoever thought THAT could happen, lol.

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  2. I’ve just finished a 10 day cleanse, that lasted 7 days. 😀 I think that my advice to anyone looking to do a cleanse or a detox, is to wait for warmer weather. It’s cold where I live, and drinking a cold shake was something that I hadn’t planned for. It would be easier for me in the summer, or warmer weather.

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  3. I recently did a sugar detox and yesterday I was at a restaurant and ordered unsweetened iced tea. I was really clear about it but the waitress somehow brought out the most cloyingly sweet drink I have ever had. I took one sip and spit it out but I felt poisoned, honestly. Refined sugar is SO bad for you and once you cut it you feel it so strongly! My throat burned for hours and I had a sour stomach all night.

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    1. I haven’t had sugar yet even though I’m “allowed” because I haven’t felt that I want it. I hope that if I do eat something sweet, I have the same reaction that you did! It’s a lot easier to give up food that doesn’t make you feel good.


  4. I’ve done a sugar detox and other types of detox. Sugar and gluten have been the most beneficial. Sustaining is easy as long as I’m mindful of the in between times of having sugar. My problem is that if I have a little sugar everyday, like one cookie, then I’m building myself up to be okay for a massive piece of cake. hahaha! If it’s several weeks between then one cookie is more than enough and that massive piece of cake can’t even be considered because of the sugar crash I’ll get.

    Exhaustion is the worst. About two times a year I do a caffeine elimination and that is when exhaustion is the worst!

    Glad to read your personal results!

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  5. These sound like the same results I got when I first started going vegan this month! I can’t wait to review how that went for me at the end of this week ❤ Glad that you learned a lot from doing the detox!

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    1. I don’t mind incorporating some meat-less days, but I’m not interested in vegan at this time. I do treat meat as a side rather than a main, and I only buy local, sustainable products from farms I trust. I love animals, so it’s hard for me to negotiate mentally, but I also enjoy eating meat.

      I’m glad that it’s working for you though and that you’re experiencing great results!


  6. congratulations on successfully completing it! at least you can have dinner on friday without thinking twice about dessert.

    i tried a short juice detox one. the same as sf did. i think. anyway, she was trying to fit into her teeny bikini but i was hoping it would help me with resetting my tummy a bit. it didn’t work as i intended and i was craving something to chew (anything!!) in just 2 short days. suffice it to say, i’ll never do that again!

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    1. You also gave up on your dairy elimination after a couple of days…or maybe ADW said it was one day! LOL

      However, you eat healthy 95% of the time, so you exercise willpower and discipline daily. You don’t really need a cleanse.

      As for Friday – no dessert! I will bring it home for JP.


      1. heh heh… um yea. it was probably closer to 1 day.. it’s impossible!!!!

        yeah, for most of the week, i try to be good. but i admit weekends i kind of make some poor choices…

        WHAAAT! but it’s gonna be so tastyyyyyyy

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  7. Well done. Detoxing (as you likely know) was one of the causes of your bad headaches. You also got to see that weight loss is possible even with other health considerations. This should reinforce that plateaus are only temporary IF adjustments are made to lifestyles. Since green is also the color of money, I assume you feel richer for the experience! 😀 (Hey, best attempt this doctor can make showing humor.)

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  8. The less you eat sugar, the less you crave it! Towards the end of my “no dairy January”, I indulged in sugary fruits and sorbets and totally ruined the progress I made clearing up my skin. Now I’m going to try a sugar detox! It’s definitely the sugar that messed me up. Thanks for the insight on your experience with it!

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    1. I actually couldn’t believe how much mindless eating I did (which all adds up) until I did the detox and “had” to stop myself. I would find myself reaching for a jelly bean at my colleague’s desk only to pull my hand back; to think about the cookies in the break room, only to realize I couldn’t have them; the list goes on! So, I stopped and thought, “man, would I have eaten ALL of that in a week?” I am SO glad I did the detox for this one very important lesson.

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      1. I understand. Don’t let the number be daunting. You’ll get there. Let me know if you ever need support or want someone to talk to. I’ve lost over 50 pounds in the past year, and it was the biggest challenge I’ve ever gone through. I still have about 15 more pounds to lose before I reach the number in my head. But I’m happy right now because I’m at the point where I feel good and I’m comfortable in my body now.

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  9. Well done to you. A couple of years ago I went sugar and gluten free for a month. It was hard and boring and I didn’t keep it up, even though I felt better for it. Now for me it’s all about balance.

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