Health Tip #4: Try to Avoid Eating Processed Food

There are so many conflicting opinions on what people should be eating to stay healthy. Even the experts disagree, which can cause confusion for average folks like you and me. When I’m in doubt, I defer to the Mayo Clinic, which you will notice features heavily in this series. To maintain overall good health, they recommend a diet that limits sugary and processed foods and is rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, and healthy fats, such as the omega-3 fatty acids found in certain types of fish, flaxseed, and other foods.

We need to go back to the basics with our nutrition!

Health Tip #4: Try to Avoid Eating Processed Food

onion-rings-274123_640As delicious as this meal looks, it definitely should not be a staple in your diet.  

Of course, so much of our food is processed, so how can we avoid it? Well, some food is processed for convenience, such as fruit in its own juices. Others have hidden sodium, fats, and sugar. When it comes to fueling our bodies, we need to make smart choices and not decide what to eat based on taste alone. Try to cook at home as often as possible so that you know exactly what is going into your food, stick to simple and healthy ingredients as often as possible, and always try to make the best choices for your long-term health versus your short-term happiness. I firmly believe that our happiness should come from our family, friends, and life passions and not from our food!

What is your favourite processed food alternative? I like baked chicken strips seasoned with panko crumbs.


28 thoughts on “Health Tip #4: Try to Avoid Eating Processed Food

    1. I find it easy to workout for an hour or so per day, but the remaining 23 hours of the day when I need to decide what to put into my mouth are tough. The nutrition component of being fit and healthy is definitely the hardest in my opinion, so any changes that you can make are well worth it! You chose an excellent thing to cut out from your diet and it’s not easy so good for you!

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      1. I agree, going to the gym seems to be the easy part. Resisting bad foods especially when you’re stuck at work all day or stressed out is hard but thank you!! 🙂 Making baby steps toward becoming healthier 🙂

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  1. Totally agree. One thing I’m getting really into right now is making my own sauces and dressings. There are so many disgusting unnecessary additives in conventional sauces and dressings. Do we really need all that soy and sugar added? I recently bought a cookbook that has so many great make ahead staples. My favorite right now is the ranch dressing (made from a cashew base). It’s so tasty and fresh. I love the texture. I also like making my own bars (think Kind Bars). It’s so satisfying and actually more cost effective to buy ingredients in bulk and make ahead for the week. Thanks for a wonderful post.

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    1. I am eating a homemade granola bar as we speak! It’s definitely well worth the effort, and like you said, it’s easy to do if you plan ahead.

      I do need to master making sauces, but at least I have a wonderful balsamic vinaigrette down pat. You’ve inspired me to look into creating some recipes this weekend – thank you! 🙂

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  2. I agree with you. I make other aspects of life my center for happiness and enjoyment. Food is simply my “information” to help me enjoy the lifestyle I choose to live.

    I am an egg white omelet person with assorted mixed organic vegetable, hemp seed, organic yogurt with and spicy peppers and 1/2 ounce of gorgonzola cheese. Pan fry it in 5 grams of coconut oil and voila. Easy, fast, healthy, delicious.

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    1. That meal actually sounds delicious!

      I have heard that avocado oil can withstand the most heat without turning into “bad fat,” so I have switched over to that. Coconut oil is better than olive oil, but I don’t know enough about it to know if it’s as good as avocado from a “fat” perspective.

      I’m headed out with my friends for dinner tonight and I’ve looked at the menu in advance to find a sensible choice. I think if you plan ahead, you can still be social but without stuffing your face the whole time!

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  3. I love this, and I think this is the number one most important tip for health and weight loss. It’s so basic, but whole foods are just so important.

    And of course, every once in a while, processed foods are OK.

    So many people say “oh I can never lose weight” etc. Cut out processed foods, and your body just begins to revert to its natural state.

    Thanks for this 🙂

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    1. It’s true. People complain about being overweight and unhappy with their bodies, but they aren’t willing to make any real changes. Ultimately we all have to decide what is more important to us in life, being healthy or eating everything we want because it tastes good.


  4. I gave up processed foods and gluten 5 months ago, and it has completely changed my life for the better. I do have to cook and make my own foods. So I have complete control of what’s in there. As many places sneak crap things in their foods. Like sugar.

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  5. I really do try to do clean eating. But, I do like the EVOL line of food when I am in a mood for something different. Their street tacos are tiny, packed with quality ingredients, and are better than eating a lot of frozen dinners. Once a week or so, I eat something like this if I am in a hurry or no I won’t have a lot of time. The rest of the time, I am food prepping:)


  6. I struggle so much with eating healthy – processed food is the easiest option (I’m so lazy!). I have started making everything from scratch and I’ve started to feel better in myself! 🙂

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    1. The hard thing that is almost everything is processed. I think, like with most things, you just need to pick your battles. If you tried to *everything* then you would drive yourself crazy!


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