Photo Friday #4: Night Shot #2

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a night shot that JP and I took on New Year’s Eve. Below is another night shot that I absolutely love, though I’d be hard-pressed to remember when we took it because we are always out and about together. JP is working on mastering his night shots, so we are getting quite a collection of them!

I know that it’s not the most environmentally friendly thing to do, but JP and I love to go out and explore because we always find new things to photograph. Going for drives on the weekend is one of our favourite family rituals and something we look forward to because it’s uninterrupted time together. It’s amazing what you can find when you stop to look, even in your own neighbourhood.

B is a very important member of our family and we usually have him with us on our adventures (he loves the car). We have learned over the years that we always need to bring a travel water dish and multiple poop bags (we use environmentally friendly ones to make up for all the driving) whenever B goes anywhere. One of B’s funniest car antics is that he will immediately start drooling like a faucet when we go through the drive-thru for coffee because he’s hoping that they will give him a treat.

What are your doggy travel essentials? Does your dog do anything funny in the car?

IMG_0479 (2)

Disclosure: if you buy any of these products from me, or do any of your shopping through my store, my sweet boxer, B, will get some treat money. He thanks you in advance for supporting his cookie addiction and I thank you for supporting my blog.


25 thoughts on “Photo Friday #4: Night Shot #2

      1. LOL! But it’s fun anyways! I always liked how my dogs seemed so happy afterwards so it was worth it. They are about 7 years gone now. I will be getting dogs again in the future for sure! Miss them so much!

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  1. Beautiful photo! We just bring the leash and small dog bed. Our dog cuddles with the kids when travelling but when he’s had enough or gets over heated he heads to his dog bed on the floor. He has to go (potty breaks so to speak) just as much as the kids do, so definitely need his leash.

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  2. I have two male boxers who love car rides. The 4 year old loves to look out the rear window at all the cars and drivers behind us. The 11 year old enjoys sticking his head out the window. He also barks at random people sometimes. It must depend on his mood. Leashes are a must have though. It makes things interesting when they are brought along.

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    1. B is a boxer too πŸ™‚

      I love to hear about 11 year old boxers because that doesn’t always happen. Their lives are heartbreakingly short.

      It’s funny – I don’t even think about leashes because B rarely uses one! He’s essentially an off-leash dog.


      1. Duke and Zuko listen pretty well, but there are times when they all the sudden use “selective hearing.” We are surprised Duke has lived so long too. He has always been a mellow dog. Zuko on the other hand… We fear may have a short life. He is very playful and likes to get into things he shouldn’t be in. Have not met another breed quite like a boxer.

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