Photo Friday #6: Rushing River

I am in awe of the power of water, but I can also be intimidated by it, especially if B is with me. Neither of us are strong swimmers (though we both get by and can keep our heads afloat – he has a life jacket to help) and neither of us have the best balance (some might even say we’re clumsy).

JP gets up and close and personal with his landscape subjects, scaling fences, hills, rock piles, and trees to get the perfect shot. B and I can often be seen watching from a safe distance, but we get to see the photographic evidence of JP’s solo jaunts, so we are okay being on the sidelines.

To stay safe and happy on winter adventures, I’ve told you the gear that we have for B in past Photo Friday posts (#1, #4, and #5) but I’ve neglected to mention what I have for me. JP has fantastic balance while I often have a hard time with flat and dry ground, so I’ve invested in stabilizing attachments for my boots!

B’s Gear

Who is the risk taker in your relationship?


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