Vitamin D – Why You Need it, and How to Get it

Vitamin D is important to overall health and immunity and many of us are not getting enough. Sunlight is a source of vitamin D, but I feel it’s important to practice safe sun, especially if you are pale like me! As such, I get my vitamin D quota from supplements and food. Why should you monitor your vitamin D intake? The Dietitians of Canada tell us that vitamin D:

  • Is fat-soluble, which means that your body can store extra amounts of it
  • Helps our bodies absorb and use calcium and phosphorous for strong bones and teeth, which can help to prevent osteoporosis
  • Can protect against infections by keeping immune systems healthy
  • May help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and certain types of cancer

market-897990_640 (2)Here are some foods that you can eat (and supplements that you can take) that are good sources of vitamin D and can help to ensure that you get your recommended daily dose:

  • Fish, such as salmon, canned tuna, whitefish, trout, and halibut. JP and I eat fish twice per week and I’ve learned many different ways of cooking it to prevent boredom.
  • Supplements, such as cod liver oil pills and vitamin D capsules
  • Margarine
  • Foods fortified with vitamin D, such as certain types ofΒ  milk, orange juice, and cereal
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Egg yolks
  • Beef liver

Vitamin D: are you getting enough?


30 thoughts on “Vitamin D – Why You Need it, and How to Get it

  1. Reblogged this on Modern Meow and commented:
    Last year when I was doing my yearly physical my doctor discovered something shocking. I have a vitamin d deficiency. So when I read 28 days and counting post on getting your daily dose of vitamin d I thought I would reblog it for you guys.

    Hope this helps shine some light on how to incorporate it in your diet.

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  2. My Dad has Multiple Sclerosis and my sisters and I were advised to take Vit D supplements and eat Vit D rich foods so I eat everything you have listed, but I also read that sun exposure is the best form of Vit D as that’s how your body creates its own supply.

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    1. I have heard the same about sun exposure BUT I’m not willing to get a sunburn and potentially skin cancer in order to follow that advice. I think that you need to take all advice and recommendations with a grain of salt and do what’s best for you. I absolutely believe in getting enough vitamin D, but not in a way that puts me at risk in other ways.

      I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s diagnosis. MS is truly awful and I hope that one day we can put it behind us where it belongs!


      1. I know, the cancer risk is frightening but also I’m so pale I’d end up burnt to a crisp if I went out in the sun without my factor 50+! I’ll stick to my vitamins and fish oils! Thanks xo

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  3. Lol, how apropos. I thought I’d share this Vitamin D campaign fail brought to us by the friendly folks of the Yukon, “We all need the D”:

    Ok, in all seriousness this is great advice. I know docs say to get some sun exposure every day but how is that an option for us up here when most of winter means not seeing the sunshine during work hours?

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  4. This is great. My mom wanted to start exercising so she went to the doctor for a quick checkup before hand and they actually found she was deficient in vitamin d. This surprised her since she’s outside a lot. After taking pills though she says she feels so much better now.

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    1. That’s great – both that she got diagnosed and that she wants to start exercising. It’s not easy to live a healthy lifestyle, but being overweight and/or unhealthy isn’t easy either. Good for her! πŸ™‚


  5. beef LIVER??? who are you!?? i thought you hate liver… this is it! i’m going to make liver for our next pot luck JUST FOR YOU. better love it because i know JP might actually fight you on that one…

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