Health Tip #7: Indulge in Some Pet Therapy

I absolutely love to spend time with B, but did you know that time with your pet is actually good for your health? The human/animal bond is truly remarkable and has benefits for both species.

Health Tip #7: Take a Time Out and Indulge in Some Pet Therapy

cat-and-dog-775116_640Like you need an excuse to cuddle with your furbaby!  

Petting an animal has a calming effect and gives you an instant boost of happiness. In fact, according to Psychology Today, when a person pets a friendly or familiar animal, their blood pressure lowers, their heart rate slows, their breathing became more regular, and their muscle tension relaxes. All of these effects are signs of reduced stress. In addition, pets can also help with anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

I know a lot about dogs and next to nothing about cats, so you’ll have to excuse my bias in providing recommendations. If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, I suggest that you check out my Pros and Cons of Having a Dog post. Dogs can be quite expensive, but, at least in my opinion, well worth it. Some of B’s favourite toys and gear include:

Tell me all about your pet(s) in the comments below!  


24 thoughts on “Health Tip #7: Indulge in Some Pet Therapy

  1. Great post and one I can totally relate to as I live with a menagerie of animals! Harry my adorable dog, 3 fat guinea pigs, chooks, fish and a gorgeous Andalusian cross quarter horse called Merlin. They all give us such joy. I honestly can’t imagine not having any pets in my life, especially my faithful walking friend Harry.

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  2. I totally agree! I convinced my landlord to change the lease to allow dogs, and after our newest roommate moved in with her adorable dog I could feel the environment of the apartment change for the better. We are all happier, friendlier and enjoying spending mutual time together.

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  3. I have one of the most affectionate cats EVER! He (usually) runs to the door to greet me when I get home, he jumps on my lap for pets and cuddles whenever I’m sitting down and if the next door neighbors’ baby starts crying, he runs up to me with a worried look on his face like, “SOMETHING IS WRONG FIX IT!!!” He also alerts me if someone’s about to knock on the door. I love him dearly! He definitely has helped me with my depression.

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  4. I love our dog but I’m really allergic to him. We bought him because he is supposedly hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed, however that does nothing for the dander. I manage to survive him as long as he isn’t in my bedroom or my chair and I don’t rub him. Every now and then I’ll break down and rub and play with him. We both love it but then I have to shower right after. I’m usually just the treat lady! Lol

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      1. I agree. Having a dog is important and we bought ours because we wanted our kids to experience the love of a pet. At the time I took Claritin daily and managed ok but then came the heart arrhythmia diagnosis and most allergy drugs are on my “Do not use” list. I’m managing though but sadly this will likely be our last dog.

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    1. Poms are very cute 🙂 I’m not usually a fan of small dogs, but those are an exception.

      And yes! Dogs can help with PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. I’m glad it’s being recognized that dogs are able to help people both mentally and physically to drastically improve lives.


  5. Something totally amazing…during exam times at the college near where I live, they actually bring in dogs and puppies, and they have a room where you can go and cuddle and play with them!! They use it as a stress relief for students and teachers and it is quite amazing!

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  6. I can totally relate to this! I have two dogs, an adorable 2 years old German Shephard and a Border Collie. They’re massive but they’re so irresistably adorable. Honestly, no day where i have not appreciated their existence 🙂

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    1. We would love to get a second dog – double the love! I adore B even when he is driving me crazy. Dogs are so sweet and innocent, and they always do their best to please their people (even when they don’t understand!).


  7. Could not agree more! We’ve got a 2-year old Boston Terrier/Black Yellow Mouth Cur mix that we rescued at the beginning of last year. She’s about 35lbs and has such a sweet, goofy, loving personality. Since I was laid off this past summer (great for my blog, bad for the finances), I’ve had a lot of time at home during the day and she just makes it so much brighter.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear about your job loss. That is never an easy situation. Animals can make all the difference to our emotional and mental well-being though, so I’m glad that you have your baby there with you!

      Thank you for reading.

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