Motivation Monday #1: Focus on One Day at a Time

Sometimes life can really get you down. When one terrible thing after another happens, it can be completely overwhelming and make you just want to curl up in a ball until the storm is over. I’ve written about strategies to help you get through a bad day in the past, but sometimes it’s all you can do to put one foot in front of the other. That was how I felt all last week.

My regular readers may have noticed my absence. Okay, who am I kidding, the only person who likely noticed was Grams, but that’s okay. In case you were wondering what happened to me, JP and I were taken out by the flu. There is never an ideal time to be sick, but last week was really not a good time because I had just been blasted with a series of bad news and I had so many tasks that I needed to complete…and I simply couldn’t.

I subsided on toast and water (like in prison) and I was not able to workout (I could hardly stand). I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get anything done, but my body was screaming at me to rest, so that’s exactly what I did (not that I had much choice in the matter). I feel marginally better today (functional at least), and I am hoping to slowly ease back into my routine.

Focus on One Day at a Time

Today is the perfect Monday for me to participate in my first Motivation Monday because I really need some focus and perspective. In addition to being a list person, I am a motivational quote person (I’m sure that you’re not surprised). Sometimes, I will read one and it will help me see things differently and, all of a sudden, something that I’ve been struggling with will click into place in my mind. I’m also that person who posts them at my desk (beside pictures of B, of course). The quote below is one of my favourites and it is going to be how I start off my week.

What is your mantra for the week?

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24 thoughts on “Motivation Monday #1: Focus on One Day at a Time

  1. Hi, I love your post, find it helpful. I am a multi-tasker and finds it sometimes to focus on just one task. Trying hard to do it until now. Your post reminded me to do it…thanks! More power

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    1. It’s how I try to view my weight loss goal – I break it up into small, manageable increments so that I’m not overwhelmed and can celebrate my success along the way.

      Over the years, I’ve learned that I can’t multi-task – I just end up doing everything a little worse than I usually would if I just took the time to focus. I’d rather prioritize than multi-task – makes me a lot less crazy! LOL

      Thank you for reading.


      1. Hahaha you’re right on that. Hope to do that starting today. Fingers crossed. Wish you the best and thanks for liking my post too. Newbie in blogging but I like it here

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