Health Tip #10: Make a Point to Sweat Every Day

Even if you are a fitness fanatic, you need rest days. So, why am I advocating breaking a sweat every day? Because it’s good for you and rest days don’t need to mean complete inactivity. Active recovery days give your body the time it needs to rest while still allowing you to stay active. Sweating rids the body of toxins, can help to fight off illnesses, and even improves your mood. I’m not saying that you need to do an intense routine like a T25 workout every day, but there are proven benefits to staying active and breaking a sweat (even a minor one!) on a daily basis.

Health Tip #10: Make a Point to Sweat Every Day

steps-388914_640How often do you take the stairs?    

5 Tips to Add More Movement to Your Day
  1. Take the stairs
  2. Park further away from your destination than you need to or get off the train/subway one stop earlier than you need to
  3. Use your lunch break at work to take a walk (use the Fitbit to make it a friendly competition with your friends)
  4. Reconfigure your workstation to allow for standing work (at the very least, stand or walk around when you’re on the phone)
  5. Do squats while you brush your teeth and calf raises when you wash the dishes (you could even march in place!)

How do you sneak more movement into your day?

Disclosure: if you buy any of these products from me, or do any of your shopping through my store, my sweet boxer, B, will get some treat money. He thanks you in advance for supporting his cookie addiction and I thank you for supporting my blog.


31 thoughts on “Health Tip #10: Make a Point to Sweat Every Day

  1. Thank you for this! My husband gave me a FitBit for my birthday almost two years, and I love it. I get a rush when my steps increase. I want to incorporate more time on the treadmill at the gym, for example. I’m also committing to walking around my office complex for at least 15 minutes after lunch. It gets me out in the sunshine and away from my desk!

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    1. I wish that we had a beach nearby to walk along – I’d go everyday! Well, to be fair, we do have one but dogs aren’t allowed and our boxer, B, is our constant companion. If he can’t go, we don’t go either.

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  2. Tucker walks/jogs in the neighborhood, and at local parks. Gives me some movement exercises on days I don’t train at the gym and gives Tucker a chance to bay and chase squirrels up trees. At 22 pounds he thinks himself a much larger dog than he is. It is quite comical.

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    1. It’s funny because at almost 65 pounds, B thinks he’s much smaller than he is. He always looks put out when visitors don’t want him to sit on their laps and he gets alarmed when he won’t fit in small places. It’s like he got stuck in “puppy” mode and thinks everything else must have shrunk.

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      1. I would have a really hard time with that! That is something I’m going to have to keep in mind if my side business (soon-to-be) does well, since it is much more stationary!

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