Spring Bucket List (2016)

The official first day of spring was yesterday, but we have been experiencing spring-like weather in Southern Ontario for the last couple of weeks. Whenever I think about spring, I think about growth and new beginnings.Β On recent walks with B, I have seen gardens starting to sprout and the vegetation beginning to wake up from winter hibernation (and his little nose has been going crazy). Spring is a lovely season that brings us many baby animals, beautiful colours, and, if you’re a dog owner you’ll know exactly what I mean by this, muddy paws (but well worth it for the adventures!).

For those of you who don’t already know, JP and I realized one of our dreams by purchasing a cottage late last year and we are going to start making it our own this season. It’s right on the water and is quite secluded on a large property, so we are very happy and excited as it’s exactly what we pictured for our family getaway spot. I won’t need much encouragement to enjoy the springtime this year, but I’ve created a bucket list nonetheless!

Don’t forget to check out my overall life bucket list and my other seasonal bucket lists (autumn and winter) if you need a little inspiration!

Tell me what you want to accomplish this spring in the comments below.

spring bucket listMy Spring Bucket List
    1. Plant an herb garden
    2. Cultivate our regular garden
    3. Make an in-season fruit pie
    4. Hang up some pictures in our new family frame (who am I kidding, hang up pictures of B)
    5. Kiss in the rain (you might remember that JP and I did dance in the rain on a past weekend getaway)
    6. Watch the sunset and sunrise
    7. Go to a farmer’s market (want to come, DK?)
    8. Focus on the farm to fork concept and eating local, seasonal foods
    9. Try to cook a different ethnic dish once per week
    10. Take a hike (hopefully many of them!)
    11. Continue to take lots of pictures with JP and B
    12. Visit a farm and see the baby animals (we have already been to a pig sanctuary)
    13. Visit the zoo (the Toronto Zoo currently has an abundance of baby animals, including pandas)
    14. Listen to the rain (spring brings lots of rain and mud!)
    15. Reconnect with my closest friend from my post-graduate program, TC
    16. Make a serious dent in the work that needs to be completed at the cottage
    17. Continue to make healthy and sustainable wellness changes that translate to weight loss
    18. Bring close friends up to the cottage for weekend getaways
    19. Go for a bike ride (hopefully lots of them!)
    20. Take a family picture (I’d like at least one per season)
    21. Plan a picnic with JP and B
    22. Have an Easter barbeque with Grams
    23. Complete our backyard deck and make it an oasis that we can escape to after work
    24. Find an antique or vintage addition for our house and our cottage
    25. Surprise our neighbours with spring-themed cookies
    26. Finish my novel and work on self-publishing (I’m almost there! I’m talking thisclose)
    27. Continue doing daily yoga (I dream of being able to do crow, but I can’t put that as a goal on this bucket list because it’s not reachable. One day it will be!)
    28. Land a new job that I love (okay, fine, a job that I can at least tolerate because let’s keep it real: I’d rather be at the cottage writing novels)

spring bucket list 2016


49 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List (2016)

  1. Thanks for sharing your spring bucket list! It definitely has me thinking, and a few that would fall onto mine as well. Looking forward to seeing updates along the way! Best – Emily

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  2. I’ve been all about the spring cleaning this past week. I’ve also been super, super sick (damn flu!) so my goal has been to do one SMALL thing every day. I’m ashamed to say that yesterday I finally rounded up all the pinecones from Christmas and put them away. 😦 ooops!

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    1. I lost about 3 weeks to the flu. I couldn’t do anything and it was absolutely awful, so I feel your pain. I like to make daily lists as well and all of those small things we are getting done add up!

      PS: we still had a Christmas wreath on the front door until a couple of weeks ago, lol.


  3. Hi Scarlet Pen. That’s some long Bucket List for spring. I’m exhausted just reading it. πŸ˜€ I can tell you’ll get it all accomplished though. I love the sound of your remote cottage. Sounds lovely.

    I enjoyed reading about you. Your husband sounds much like mine. Glad you two are fulfilling your dreams together.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting today.

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  4. Yes yes yes.

    Love your hedgehog and lucky you to have baby pandas! Have seen your gorgeous prime minister cuddling them. Hope you get to see them soon.

    Am also thinking about new job but so far haven’t done anything about it…



  5. thanks…Ive taken heed of a couple of yours to add to my life. I always appreciate your posts…… this June a friend and I are going to California and climbing Mt. Whitney . From western Canada. Whitney is the highest mountain in the lower 48. Pretty pumped about this “bucket” climb

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    1. That climb sounds terrifying to me, lol. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to “big” adventures like that, but keep in mind that I’ve never even tried indoor rock climbing let alone climbing up the highest anything!

      Thank you for reading and for your kind words πŸ™‚


  6. The cottage sounds lovely. I’m sure you are really going to enjoy it. I don’t really have a bucket list but a huge to-do list of things I’ve put off way to long. Bucket list will have to come later. πŸ™‚

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  7. When I was your age I had a bucket list. Since time got away from me I had to transition from a bucket to a landfill to keep up with the list. πŸ˜€
    Glad to see you’re well and enjoying your time. Keep those lips smiling big!!

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  8. Good for you! Have fun doing all the things you love this spring πŸ‘πŸ½

    For me I have a habit of “favouriting” recipes on my iPhone but rarely get around to actually trying any of these recipes. I would love to change that this spring and, if the weather warms up, enjoy these new culinary delights while lounging on my balcony.

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    1. Thank you!

      I have a lot of meal ideas in my head, but I usually stick with my “go-to” recipes because it’s easier and I’m lazy, lol. So, I would also like to be more creative in the kitchen!


  9. Being a writer, I’d have to emphasize number 28 – at least the tail end of that list entry – you’d rather be at the cottage writing novels … uhmmmm … why not make that your work? Don’t be like me and wait until you’re in your 40s to start writing in earnest. I wonder just how many novels I might have accomplished if I had only started at your age …

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    1. I would love to do that, but I am so risk adverse. I’d be terrified to quit my job and write full time before I knew whether or not I would be successful. That’s why I’m trying so hard to get my novel done while I work so that hopefully I can quit! LOL


    1. That’s good advice and I have to get better at it. This weekend coming is a long weekend where I live and I intend to spend a good chunk writing!

      I will have to check out your books πŸ™‚


  10. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! I really love what you’ve done with yours.

    A seasonal bucket list – genius! Much more manageable and motivating. Your ideas are great – especially fruit pies and baby farm animals. By the way, totally jealous that you visited a pig sanctuary.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing! And hey, if you ever have any advice for a newbie, my ears are wide open! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes I forget that I’m not new to blogging because I always feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, ha. At the end of July, it will be one year – crazy! I feel like a relative newbie myself.

      I’m glad you checked out my blog and hope that you will come back πŸ™‚


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