Health Tip #11: Add Lists to Your Life and Stay Organized

The lifestyle that many of us live is “go-go-go.” We have responsibilities at work and at home, and then we also try to squeeze in hobbies and time to have fun. It can be very overwhelming to stay on top of everything that we need/want to accomplish and I know many people who don’t feel organized or like the weekends are long enough to get everything done.

Feeling organized and productive is good for your overall well-being and can reduce your stress, which is a cause of many health concerns. I am going to write a series in the future about my organizational tips (my regular readers will easily believe that I am a very organized person), but for now I have an easy to implement suggestion for you to try: lists.

Pro tip: I separate my lists so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I use a meal planner to stay organized in the kitchen (it includes space for a grocery list, which is very helpful to ensure that I have all the ingredients that I need on hand), I keep track of my workouts in a workout log so that I can get a clear picture of where I’ve struggled and succeeded, and I keep a running to-do list in a separate planner. If I know that I need to tackle meal prep, I don’t want to bring my workout schedule to the grocery store, so this approach works well for me. I’m old school, so I like handwritten lists!

Health Tip #11: Add Lists to Your Life and Stay Organized

I write lists everywhere, including on myself.

Why should you join my club and write lists? I can give you 4 good reasons!

  1. Lists take away the stress of trying to “remember” everything and that terribly annoying feeling that you’re forgetting something you can’t quite put your finger on
  2. If you have a clear picture of everything you need to accomplish, it makes it easier to prioritize
  3. It’s a wonderful feeling to check items off your list (that can’t just be me…right?)
  4. You stay accountable. Once it’s written down, you have to do it

Do you write lists? If not, how do you stay organized?

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32 thoughts on “Health Tip #11: Add Lists to Your Life and Stay Organized

  1. I live by lists. My motto: If something doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t happen.

    I have my blue planner that I carry everywhere. I have a workout notebook in my gym bag. I have a pink notebook in my purse. I have my Outlook calendar at work.

    I’ve started using an app called ShopListFree on my iPad, and it’s been so helpful with the grocery store!

    It keeps me organized, and it keeps my stress level and anxiety a lot lower!!

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  2. Absolutely. Being male the reality is 1/2 the chores in life would be forgotten if lists weren’t created. I still haven’t figured if it’s a genetic “thing” or an “I just don’t want to do it, thing?” Lists create accountability for me and a guarantee (to myself) I will get it done.

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    1. Men have selective hearing and selective memories. Honey do lists are very necessary components of any marriage! 😀

      For me, my memory just isn’t that great. It’s not that I don’t want to do the tasks (though I guess some of them are kind of crummy), but that I genuinely forget if I don’t write it down. Maybe it’s my memory or just the fact that I’m always thinking about too much. Either way, I have to work on it!

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  3. I have many lists and always have. I would forget so many things if I didn’t. I do have times that I think of something that needs to be done and forget what it is before I get to my pen. That is very frustrating. LOL I am retired, so have days where I get nothing accomplished, even though I intend to. I find I do much better when I look at my to-do list, find the things I want to do for the day, and put on a schedule what time I want to do them. I usually can pretty much stick to that and I get a whole lot more done on the days that I do.

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    1. Sometimes I head over to my list to write something down and by the time I get there, I forget, so I feel your pain!

      You’re lucky that you can choose to do the things that you’d like to do each day. I am a slave to work! LOL

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  4. I love to write lists before bed, that way I have a game plan for the next day and I won’t wake up thinking I don’t know what I have planned for the day!

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  5. I totally agree and loveeéeeeee this one : It’s a wonderful feeling to check items off your list (that can’t just be me…right?) – it’s a real motivator to check items off my list!

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    1. Absolutely! Many of my colleagues use their computers to track their tasks and projects, but I still write mine out by hand so that I can check items off as I go (I actually use a highlighter to do that though).


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