Photo Friday #12: Cloud Dreams

Photo Friday is back! When I was a kid, I used to love looking up at the clouds and telling my dad about all the different shapes that I could see. We used to make up stories about dragons, princesses, and whatever else struck our fancy. Even though I’m (more or less) an adult now, JP and I still enjoy this pastime, especially when we’re on the boat, which is where this picture was taken (you can see more pictures of our getaway weekends here and here). I don’t know about you, but I can see a dog in the clouds below!

What is one of your favourite childhood memories?



17 thoughts on “Photo Friday #12: Cloud Dreams

  1. Hallucinating is a sign of nutritional deficiency. Dogs are only found here on earth. If you are seeing dogs in the clouds, I want you to stop looking at those clouds! (LOL)
    I look at the sky almost every time I take Tucker for a walk. I marvel at how much beauty surrounds us. Each of us makes up a minuscule part of this planet, but it doesn’t reduce the importance and contributions each one us is capable of.
    Enjoy this lovely Friday as well as the weekend!

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    1. Note to self: don’t tell a doctor that you see shapes in the clouds!

      I once asked my mom how she could be certain that she believed in God (this was back when I didn’t). She told me that all she had to do was look around her and she saw the evidence of His existence everywhere. I get it now!

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    1. That is so sweet and romantic! Whenever JP and I have to be apart for whatever reason, I always get comfort knowing we are looking at the same sunrise, sunset, moon, etc. The sky is a magical thing 🙂

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    1. I love the country, the lake, and wide open spaces. I work in the city and I absolutely can’t stand it. JP and I dream about ways that we can move and spend our lives doing what we actually want to do – wouldn’t that be nice!


  2. I grew up near a gorgeous lake in Idaho where my parents had a boat. The best memories I have as a child all involve being on the water with the wind blowing my hair in every direction or building sand castle villages or jumping off the dock into the water. While we currently don’t live near a lake being that we are based in London at the moment, it would be my dream to have a home anywhere near water. It always make me happy no matter the weather!

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    1. I love to hear that many of your childhood memories are about the lake. I hope that when we have kids one day, they look back on their summers at our cottage as some of their favourite times, too 🙂


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