Photo Friday #13: Peace on the Waterfront

While searching for our own cottage, JP, B, and and I often traveled to the Muskoka region and stayed in various locations to scout them out  (see our trips to Huntsville and Parry Sound). Along the highway, there are many rock statues just like the one below (providing something to look at when you’re trapped in traffic for 5 hours) and they are also featured prominently throughout the region. One of the cottages that we rented had these rocks waiting for us down by the water, which JP saw as the perfect (zen) photo opportunity.

We find the water to be so peaceful and we love to watch the sunrise and sunset together (pictures of our first cottage sunset are coming soon!). We also get a kick out of playing with B on the shoreline and watching him explore (he can’t actually swim, which is why he wears a life jacket. Don’t worry, you can see a picture of that cuteness here). One thing that I’m looking forward to now that my yoga practice is finally improving is doing a relaxing flow by the lake. As you can imagine, we would live at the cottage full time if we could!

Are you a water baby? What is your favourite water-based activity?



9 thoughts on “Photo Friday #13: Peace on the Waterfront

    1. Thank you for telling me what the statue is called! I was wondering. I didn’t even know what to Google to find out. I don’t think that I could say “inukshunk” but I can definitely write it in next time!

      Have a great weekend, too 🙂 We’ll be on our way to the cottage soon – just waiting for some of the traffic to die down.

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  1. In our family we love the Inukshuk as well! This is the information that I know about them:
    The traditional meaning of the inukshuk, pronounced in-ook-shook, is “Someone was here” or “You are on the right path.”
    They were originally built by the Inuit in the Arctic and used to communicate direction in their harsh and desolate lands. They were built to make the way of finding places easier and safer for those who were travelling.

    Thanks for the great post!

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