Photo Friday #14: A Beautiful Photo Bomb

Last week, I shared a picture of an inukshuk that JP took (thank you to my helpful readers for telling me what the “statues” are called!). However, what I didn’t mention is that it took JP two tries to get last week’s picture because B photo bombed him! I prefer the version with B, of course, and we actually have this picture blown up and framed on our living room wall.

We are staying in the city this weekend, so unfortunately we won’t be seeing any inukshuks. However, we do have a fun and unconventional weekend planned, which suits us just fine (perhaps you remember our date night at the pig sanctuary!). I haven’t posted about our “married life” in awhile, so I will definitely share some pictures from this weekend soon!

What are you up to this weekend?




24 thoughts on “Photo Friday #14: A Beautiful Photo Bomb

  1. Gorgeous photo!
    My weekend started yesterday – went to an MSc open day at a local university to check out a course my fiancΓ© would like to do. And then to Burger & Lobster for a delicious meal! The rest of the weekend should be quiet, I’ve no plans but to catch up with blog reading, make a dent in my pile of library books, and a couple of runs in the evenings, once it cools down.

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    1. Thank you!

      That sounds like a perfect weekend. We have brunch with some friends this morning, but then we’re going to to relaxing! Yesterday was such a full day, we need it before getting back into the swing of work tomorrow.

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