Health Tip #13: Use Your Allotted Vacation Time

It might sound like a no brainer to take time off work every once in a while, especially if you are being paid while you do so. However, many people feel as though they are too busy to take time off and that vacations could hurt their career prospects. If you are one of those people, I implore you to rethink your priorities. Time with your loved ones is so important and everyone needs some downtime to rest, recharge, and refocus. If it helps, you will be a better employee for doing so!

Did you know that according to Market Watch, Americans only use 50% of their eligible vacation and 72% of Chinese workers haven’t taken a paid vacation in 3 years? In fact, American employers don’t even have to provide workers with paid time off, which I think is absolutely absurd. On the contrary, folks in Sweden and Brazil get 41 paid days off with Finland, Lithuania, France, Portugal, the UK, Iceland, Austria, Denmark, and Germany close behind. I think that I need to move. Who is with me?!

Health Tip #13: Use Your Allotted Vacation Time

bora-bora-680010_640Don’t you want to take a breather and head to a destination just like this? Don’t forget your camera!

10 Reasons to Take a Vacation
  1. Your brain needs time to relax. Downtime will help you process information better.
  2. Vacations improve your mood and make you a happier person.
  3. You will be a more well-rounded person if you experience other cultures and see the world. Think beyond your cubicle!
  4. Many people get paid to take time off, so why on earth would you choose to work instead?!
  5. Vacations relieve stress and everyone could use less of that in their lives.
  6. You will have much needed time to bond with your loved ones while you’re traveling and experiencing new things together.
  7. You will sleep better and your heart function and blood pressure will begin to come back to normal levels.
  8. You will create lasting, meaningful memories to look back on. These are the moments you will remember in life, not your work projects.
  9. You may meet some interesting people or make lifelong friends through your adventures.
  10. Vacation sex (yes, I went there!). Enough said.

Where is your favourite vacation destination? Where are you planning to jaunt to this year?

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31 thoughts on “Health Tip #13: Use Your Allotted Vacation Time

  1. This is so, so true! I’ve never been the person to skimp on vacation days. 🙂 Sometimes I feel really guilty about it, especially when some of my co-workers are too busy or their schedule doesn’t allow them to take much time off. But then I remind myself, I have every right to take those days off, guilt free!

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    1. No amount of money would ever tempt me into feeling too busy to spend treasured time with my family. That kind of thinking goes against everything I believe in, but I know that so many people subscribe to it!

      I’m glad you aren’t one of them 🙂

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  2. My husband and I are scheduled to close on our first house next week (!!), so I’m scheduled to be off the entire last week of June to paint, deep clean, take up the old carpet, and get the hardwood floors refinished before we move in.

    Then, in November, we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary, so we’re planning a mini-getaway of some sort. I’ve also started a tradition where I take off either the Friday or Monday that’s closest to my birthday in August, to give me a day to myself. I love going to the movies alone!

    Great post!

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  3. I agree, amidst busy lives too often vacation time goes unused. However this time away to rest and recharge is necessary and very much in line with how God has created us.

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    1. I can’t imagine ever being too busy to take a vacation. We need that time! I just work in an office and nothing I’m doing is saving lives. If I can’t be away for a week without the organization falling apart, then they aren’t paying me enough.

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  4. Great post! and great reminder. My husband and I have some of our best vacations when we have a destination in mind but have not really planned to route to get there. This leaves us free to stop when we want and look at anything that interests us. We have seen some really neat things and met some great people with this method.

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  5. Vacations are essential!!! You can make them long weekends if the idea of 1-2 weeks off is too stressful. We need time to recharge our batteries and re-focus on our REAL PRIORITIES in life. As summer approaches, people would be wise to take your advice. As you’ve said in the past, there are no do overs!

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    1. I knew someone who took off every Friday of the summer. Imagine having a long weekend – every single week! I love that idea, but I don’t thing my organization would go for it. I just started my new gig, but they are saying I am entitled to vacation already, so I’m taking it! Cheers to extra sunny days at the cottage with my loved ones 🙂


  6. I’m always in disbelief when people don’t use their annual leave. I’m in the UK, so we get a decent allowance, or more if you work for a generous organisation.
    I’ve had colleagues who never have a day off and it blows my mind! I need the time away to do something fun, spend time with my fiancé, or get on with some DIY. Even just a day off to do nothing but read!
    No big holidays planned this year, but I have a weekend away next month with my fiancé and our friends (we’re running a 10k on the Saturday) and another one in September to go zorbing with my fiancé’s cousins.

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    1. Some people are just so dedicated to work and I can’t understand it. My work is a means to do the things in my life that actually matter to me. I would never give up time with my family for a job.

      Now, I have to ask…what on earth is zorbing?!

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      1. Absolutely. I love the organisation I work for, but I mainly work so I can pay my bills.

        Zorbing is… Um. This sounds crazy now I’m writing it down. Getting inside a giant transparent plastic ball and rolling it either over water or downhill. I first heard about it from a friend who did it in New Zealand, and since then it’s become more popular around the world. My fiancé’s cousin has it on her list of 50 things to do in her 50th year, so we’re going with her.
        I’m pretty sure it’ll be fun, weird as it sounds!

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  7. That’s crazy that 50% of Americans don’t use their vacation time… I’ve heard of some Asian countries that are so work oriented that they don’t take vacations but I didn’t know it was to that severity.. Thanks for sharing this post!

    My current work situation has very limited vacation days but I make sure to take the needed R&R to recuperate and relax 🙂

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    1. I just started a new job with 4 weeks of vacation, which is pretty good for North America (I believe the standard is around 2). I will absolutely be using it all! I’m glad that you take yours as well 🙂


  8. That doesn’t surprise me. The culture in America is so much different. We are encouraged NOT to take vacation and to not take breaks from work. Other countries, like Spain, still give 2 hours for lunch for family time! Something needs to change here!

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    1. It baffles me that so many people willingly follow along with the “work work work” ideology like mindless sheep! We are definitely doing something wrong because we are unhealthy, heavier, and generally unhappier than so many other places on earth.

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