Photo Friday #15: The Green Canoe

JP and I love nothing more than escaping from the city and reconnecting with nature. Living in the concrete jungle that is suburbia, we often feel like cogs in a machine rather than part of something organic and holistic. This picture takes me back to one of our many summer getaways (take a peek here and here) when all we want to do is be in, on, or around the water.

B is a boxer and boxers are not exactly known for being water dogs. However, he loves to splash around in the surf so long as his paws stay firmly planted in the sand. He always wears his life jacket (which you can see a picture of here) and has numerous floating toys that he loves to play with (bumper, frisbee, and bone). We are contemplating adding a second dog to our family, a breed that is a known water breed, and hopefully our new little guy will encourage B to explore a little further.

Now that we have a cottage of our own, we will be spending the majority of our summer weekends on our own little piece of the lake. We are so excited that we can live our “retirement dream” now because, let’s face it, no one knows if they are going to live long enough (and be healthy long enough) to achieve their dreams 30+ years from now. This was something that was really important to us and I’m proud that we were able to do it so young.

Stay tuned for my summer bucket list post on Monday!

Let’s chat! Do you have a dog who loves the water? What is your favourite cottage or camping memory? What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of?


Disclosure: if you buy any of these products from me, or do any of your shopping through my store, my sweet boxer, B, will get some treat money. He thanks you in advance for supporting his cookie addiction and I thank you for supporting my blog.


23 thoughts on “Photo Friday #15: The Green Canoe

    1. I am hopeful that JP and I will live a long and happy life together. But I also understand that all I can count on is right now, so that’s how I approach a lot of decisions lately! Some people think I’m crazy, but hey – it’s just money. You can’t take it with you.

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  1. Enjoy your lakeside retreat😊 I so love the fact that we live on the edge of town and get to see green out of the Windows. It really helps to recharge my batteries! By having your retreat now I’m sure that you are much more likely to reach retirement in good health !

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  2. I see you’re considering enlarging the family. How receptive do you think B will be to having a “brother or sister?”
    I’ll bet your family is going to enjoy those weekends. Having a “get away” home can add real quality to life.

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    1. I am less worried about B accepting a human brother or sister than I am about him accepting another dog. He gets very jealous when I pet other dogs, but he loooooooooves kids. We may foster a dog at first just to see how B does because his happiness remains my top concern.

      I am so looking forward to cottage weekends! My new gig has been great in terms of already giving me time off (I’m tacking a few extra days to existing long weekends) and they have also agreed to let me work from home every Friday! Contrast this with my last role and I have to pinch myself. I am really focusing my attention on blessings rather than burdens lately!

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      1. Such great news. I’m excited for you.

        Now regarding the sentence, “We may foster a dog at first just to see how B does because his happiness remains my top concern,” is your husband aware that his priority falls somewhere below B’s? 😀

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  3. Lovely photo!

    My parents’ dog loves the water. She’s a Jack Russell and she goes nuts for streams and rivers. She isn’t keen on the sea, and won’t go out in the rain unless she has to, but get near a river and she starts pulling on her lead to get close so she can paddle!

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      1. Haha, I can guarantee an update on that!
        Dogs are so cute to watch swimming. They’re so joyful! Well, they are in most things they do. I can’t wait to get a dog someday!


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