Things to Read About

There are many important topics vying for space in my head. I’m in my late twenties, which means that I am in the middle of making many life altering decisions regarding my career, family life, and priorities.

My lifestyle blog is my creative outlet. I will share my journey and write about all of the things that I care about. I believe in appreciating life’s small pleasures, following my dreams, and making lasting memories.

My husband and I are on a quest to create a life that we love, which is focused on being healthy, sharing adventures together, and always finding new reasons to fall in love again. I’m so happy that you stopped by and I hope that you will follow along!

Dog’s Life

This section is the Story of B and any subsequent dogs that we bring into our pack. I will blog about his health so that other boxer owners can avoid some of the heartache we have faced, his adventures, and our training efforts. B is a wonderful boy and I’m sure that once you get to know him, you will fall in love with him too.


Musings and Lifestyle

I’m a writer and sometimes topics move and inspire me to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys, as the case may be). This is my miscellaneous section where I can essentially write about anything.

letter-447577_640Health and Fitness

I am at a point where I want to make a lifestyle change that includes eating healthy food the majority of the time and incorporating physical activity into my daily life. I am also on a journey to find local, sustainable food sources. Get your rubber boots, we’re going to the farm.


Married Life

JP and I are many things but we are not perfect. We balance each other well and we are happy with the life that we have carved out together. I am going to share our marital bliss, tough decisions (such as whether or not to procreate), humorous antics, and pure unadulterated fun on these pages. He’s awesome, trust me.


My Bucket Lists

I love crossing tasks off of lists and I will blog about each item that I successfully complete. I will also blog about my progress and the steps that I am taking as I work towards crossing items off my list.

However, I am only 28 (though I have an old soul!) and I am sure that this will be a list that I am going to be adding to just as often as I’m crossing things off! In this instance, I don’t mind because I want to live as fulfilling a life as possible and setting goals has always kept me on track.


What’s Cooking

Sometimes my recipes work out and other times they don’t, but I always enjoy trying new things in the kitchen. JP thinks I make entirely too many chicken dishes, which is probably true, but at least there is a lot of variety in how I cook it!

I will share my successes and pro tips so that you don’t have to scour the internet, cookbooks, and magazines to find easy, healthy recipes to put on your table. And I promise, it won’t be all chicken. Really! Or strange, complex health food with obscure ingredients (hate that!).


Through my Lens

From time to time, I will share our personal photographs (almost always taken by JP) to give my readers a glimpse into our world together. An exciting new series will be launching in this section soon! Stay tuned.


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  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog Explorationsinplace. I love the combination of food and health and dogs and your life that your write about in your blog. If you hadn’t found me I wouldn’t have found you. I look forward to following you in the future.

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