Dear Dad

My post today is going to be a little different than usual and far more personal. I know that it’s “wellness Wednesday,” but this post does relate to that theme because writing is the only outlet that can help me process my thoughts and emotions. Mental health is an often neglected component of overall wellness, … More Dear Dad

10 Things NOT to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

Death is very complicated for the living to process. None of us knows for sure what happens after we die and many of us don’t have any idea about what to say to those who are left behind either. The majority of people don’t mean to offend mourners with their comments, but if you aren’t careful, that might … More 10 Things NOT to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

8 Life Lessons From My Friend Who Was Diagnosed With Cancer at 30

I’ve known AW since our first year of university. AW has always been the picture of health and vitality: she enjoys being active, she maintains a healthy body weight, and she is a happy, vibrant, and fun person to be around. She is always up for an adventure and trying something new (and she will push you to try it too). If ever … More 8 Life Lessons From My Friend Who Was Diagnosed With Cancer at 30

The Liebster Award (x 2)

I am pleased to announce that Laura from alittlebitoflaura and Angelina from ilashesandsuch have nominated me for my second and third Liebster Awards. If you missed my first nomination, you can catch up by reading my previous post about it. I am so pleased that my blog is being both read and enjoyed. Thank you! I appreciate every like, comment, and … More The Liebster Award (x 2)

A Letter To Me

Grams always tells me that you can’t put an old head on young shoulders, but wouldn’t it be great if you could? There are so many things that I wish I knew years ago and advice that I wish I could give my younger self. I was a stubborn girl but surely I’d take advice from myself! … More A Letter To Me

The Liebster Award

Thank you to Kaitlynn, who blogs at The Skinny Struggles, for nominating me. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the Liebster Award by receiving it! My understanding of the award is that it helps new bloggers (with under 200 followers) connect and promote each other. It also adds a bit of fun, motivation, and encouragement for … More The Liebster Award